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Actualizado: 26 oct 2023

Hello friends and welcome to another blog post as always, i am so happy to be back with more content.

Yesterday was a day of a lot of meditation about my personal life. I was coming back at night from my cycling class, and all this thoughts came to me in regard to where i am today in my own personal journey.

What will it take for me to unfold a new level in my life?

That was the first question i asked myself. Then, I started having a lot of great ideas, but they were too general. Then, i asked myself, What does a new level looks like for you?

I am currently living a pretty good life. I am very happy and grateful for everything that i have accomplished, but life is about growth. I know i am here to fulfilled the best version that i can be.

We all have goals and end results that we are looking forward to accomplish in this lifetime. What if i tell you that in order to do that what really matters is the actual process. I have always heard people talking about falling in love with the journey, and i have always found that so hard because usually the things we want the most are the hardest to get.

If someone comes today and ask you,

What are the things you would like to have the most today?

Lets list a number of things for the purpose of this exorcise. A new car, success, 1 million dollars and to have multiple business.

There you go, it is all yours. All of sudden, you find yourself with all your wishes being your new reality.

What is next?

Do you realized that in order to keep your goals and desires up and running you need to understand the process. If you never go through the journey of fighting and figuring out how to get this things they wont last because you wont know how to keep them.

One of the things that i love the most in my life right now is cycling. I go to a studio at 6 am to be able to do my cycling class. I don't even have to think about it anymore. I felt in love with this exorcise that now is just part of my identity.

It is never easy at first because you have to basically build a relationship between you and what you want in order to figured out how to fall in love with the process. When I first started doing cycling it was not easy. I had no idea what i was doing, i was sitting at the back of the class, couldn't follow the beat, anyway endless things happened to me that i could tell you right now, but i did not get in the trap. I kept trying and i got better. I started making friends and having fun with the music. I got better with time, and now i sit in the front row, have fun everyday and give my best because it make me better.

The reason i am telling you this story is because in order to unfold the next level in your life you need to step up your game and show up as a champion, as a winner.

1- Define what the next level in your life looks like.

2- Write a letter to yourself where you affirm that in the next three month you are becoming this person.

3- Build a process that work for you and establish a relationship between you and what you want.

4- Show up everyday as a winner.

In the next three months i am unfolding the next level in my life. I am happy, positive, self motivated and hard working. I take care of my skin, keep a clean appearance and I'm elegant in demeanor. I have a good relationship with money and i value what it bring to my life. I write everyday for 30 minutes and i always read before i go to bed. No matter what i always meditate, practice gratitude and positive affirmations. I am discipline and consistent when it comes to the choices i make. I exorcise on a daily basis and i eat nutritious food that add value into my body.

This is an example of the letter that you can write. This a very important step to this journey, so make sure not to skip it.

I hope this is being a useful blog, and i hope to be back very soon with more content. I hope that in the next three months you can become the higher version of yourself and unfold new levels in your life.

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