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Actualizado: 30 jun 2021

Change? For some, means new beginning and expectations, and for others is just about adrenalin and transformation. How would you define it? When we are looking for a change to our lives, it’s because we had enough of our present circumstances that most probably have been around for a while which in my world means “I am board of my life” Then we start looking in a different direction. If you are reading this post, you are ready to give your life a twist, so stay connected; I’m about to show you 5 strategies to make it happen.


First thing first, We need a strong reason that give us the power to succeed with the idea of change. Sometimes, in order for us to find it, we need to look deep into our life. No one decide that want a change just because is board, technically this is the overall idea, but the truth is there is something else, and it’s your job to discover it.

Once you have that in your hands, then put this 5 strategies into practice.

1. Get out of your own way

Your way it’s your way, but it is not the only one, so be open to new ideas and opportunities. You will never get the change you’re looking for if you don’t first adjust the way you see around. You are in this position at the moment because what you have been doing has not work for you at all, so maybe it is time for you to listen to other, or what could be better to search an example of what you would like to experience in your new perspective of life; that way, you can have a clear guidance of where to start with.

2. Do you know why are you here for?

I profoundly believe that we all have a big purpose in life. I do not care if is as a pizza delivery men or as an online coach, but what I know for sure is that you and I are here because the world needs our contribution. What is my point with this? Find your passion, your art, your dones, what you are good at, know yourself better. Its time for you to know why you're here for, because you didn’t come to wake up every morning have a cup of coffee, go to work, come back and go to bed, that's just part of the process, you are here for something else. Once you define your purpose in this life, you can move toward that direction. Focus on your dreams, desires or what you’ve always wanted to accomplish, It's time for it.

3. Be radical

Yes, I said it. Most of the time we are not brave enough to be radicals, but from experience I can say this is the best way to change things around. Its about making the desicion that you want to actually do it. Why do Radical work? Being radicals it's not going crazy and through everything in the garbage and get new stuff, but its more about doing things the complete opposite way to see how that work. In my particular case it is always being black and white, and I understand there is a lot of people out there that love to find a center, I respect that, but its just not for me, so RADICAL it is. This is going to change the fundamental of your life. Hands on it.

4. Mindset is important.

Everything is in your mind, so change your state of mind now. Get a new vision of the life you would like to live and literally dream about it. Put the idea on your brain, so unconsciously it can develop itself. One of my favorite phrases would always be “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” This being said meas that everything you want to accomplish is possible, just believe it is and let the universe do its part.

5. Embrace yourself

You are your first priority, take care of your own self. Guess what? Nobody is going to do a better job. Understand your personality, get to know what you really love, and be confident about it. You are unique and a perfect combination, so this is the right moment for you to spend time with your own person and figure out what works for you. Do not forget about the life aspects you love and value, you may want to keep those.

As you may know by now, there is no science in this, its just about yourself and what you really want. CHANGE don’t always come to us, but sometimes it's crucial to create the opportunities we’ve been looking for. Be brave and do what you have to do.

I really hope this post will give you the strength to continue to live your best life and always improve. I am wishing you all a great week.

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