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A BELIEF is a thought.

I have been wanting to write something about this for a while now, and I finally decided to do so.

I am very excited to be back with the blogs, and I would love to thank all of you that patiently waited for me, I do really appreciate your loyalty.

The reason behind this blog is that I have struggle with negative and limiting beliefs myself in my manifestation journey, and I would like to share with you how I handle it. If you are wondering, yes, it does still happen because we are humans, but there is a big difference when you know what to do about it.

Beliefs hold you back when manifesting your dream life, so with that being said:

Whatever it is that you have being trying to bring to life for a while and still not manifested, it means that there is a limiting belief thats taking that desire away from being yours, so look with attention your daily habits, routines and specially conversations with your inner self. When I say conversations, I refer to the dialogue that you have everyday with your inner person for example, those things you say when you look in the mirror or it could be the complaints when you are waiting in traffic AND SO ON AND ON.

WE ALL HAVE THIS KINDS OF BELIEFS UNLESS YOU ARE LIVING YOUR PERFECT DREAM LIFE, but if you are reading this post the possibilities that you are not, are big.

First thing you should do is :

1- Ask yourself what is it that you have being trying to manifest that hasn’t get to your life yet? Once you have that answer lets say: it could be more money, a new job, relationship, a house, a business, publishing a book, opening a website, creating a youtube channel, a new bag, whatever thing that you want in your life that you have being trying to manifest for a while now, but still not in your life. Then, you are going to do step number 2:

2- Identify your core belief. This is like getting to the root or the bottom of what it is in your head. in order to get there you need to start talking about this with yourself with the purpose of finding out how does that topic make feel. Emotions don’t lie, if you feel negative about it that's where you want to start exploring more. You are going to ask question to yourself about this topic until your emotions are shaking, and that's how you are going to find out the core belief. A belief can be very hard to change, but if you practice everyday you can change it back, it is all about repetition.

Remember this, all is made up in your head, and they have shaped your life for years. If you belief you are smart, then that's what you become, but if you believe you are stupid, then guess what? Thats what you become. it does not matter what you believe, it could be positive or negative it will become your reality and thats why some of your desires haven’t manifested yet.

3- When you find the negative belief that you are looking for you are going to do the same dialogue but in reverse. Those same negative talking that made you feel bad about this certain topic you are going to flip them into a positive statement, but the key is that this statement have to make you feel great and SPECIALLY YOU HAVE TO BELIEF IS REAL.

Let’s put some examples out there, so you have a better idea. Let’s talk about money:

Money come to me easily: Do you belief that money comes to you easily or that you have to work hard to get it. if you belief that money is hard to get, or that you have to work hard to have money, or that money comes and go, then, the next question you have to ask yourself is Why?

Why do you think that money is hard to get? Why do you think that money comes and go? is it something you heard in your family, is it something that you have always being doing? What is it that make you think that way, and then keep asking those questions until you get to the root of the belief. Then to flip it: You always want to start small, let’s say for example, have enough money to pay for rent, I am alive and capable of working for money, anything could happen, I believe I can manifest more money, I believe I can get rid of my negative belief about money, money is a tool to have a better life. Basically what you want to do is to create a positive relationship with money, thats why you want to flip the dialogue into something positive, and if by any circumstance you notice that the new statements are making you uncomfortable or you don’t believe a word you say, go back to the beginning and practice this exercise again and again until you find that core belief. It sound easy, but it is not that easy.

The reason you are not living your dream life is because of the beliefs that you have acumulated for years in your mind that are not serving you.

4- Recreate the old belief and transform it into a new positive one. Once you know whats going on in your life and the reason why things aren’t the way you dreamed they will be then, its time for a transformational change. Take that old belief and turn it into a new positive one. Lets use the same example as before: Money is hard to get. The new positive statement will be something lie this: Money comes to me often, money is enough to pay the bills. Any good thing you are currently doing with money now, that money gives you the chance to experience then be grateful for those this. You need to change the focus of attention, so your point of attraction will also shift. if you keep thinking of the lack and focusing on what you still don’t have then, you are continuing attracting more of what you don’t want. you need to take devotions and I understand that sometimes it's not the easiest decision, but even if this means to save 20 dollars a paycheck to start feeling abundant or stop looking at your bank account because the more you look at it the worse you feel about it. if you are not capable of imagining the life of your dreams and believing you can achieve it soon without having any of it then, you have to start creating that momentum and make those things that make you feel good and as if you already will have it.

Start by changing small things you can change.

Something I learned the hard way is that things never enter from the door that we are expecting. The things we want come when we are mentally ready to receive them and most of the time we are surprised they arrive because you are ready when you are not expecting any of it.

YOU HAVE ONLY ONE JOB AND THAT JOB IS TO TELL YOUR MIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT because everything start with a thought. Talk to your inner self in present tense because the universe only understand NOW, and also your mind only works in present tense.

Imagine the life you want to live now, not in a year or in the fire but now. Think about those vivid pictures in your mind every-time you remember your goals, dreams or desires.

Be excited about the things you want, if you are not happy, excited and passionate about your desires then, you don’t want them enough.

I hope you find this post helpful and start manifesting your dream life starting today. I wish you an amazing week, and I will be waiting for you here for another blog in a few days.

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