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Hello friends and welcome to another blog post. It's a beautiful afternoon here in Florida, and today I have decided to take a slow and self-care day.

I love writing as you guys know, therefore it does not bother me to do so, even on a slow day. Today's topic is about change, something that we dislike or never want to face for the most part.

I learned to deal with change a while back, and everything a shift happen in my life, I appreciate that I have the knowledge to fix any adjustments that come into my life.

Change is part of life, something that we all face in all cycles in our life. We are in consistent growth, even if we don't desire to. As the years go by, we get more experience with different circumstances that we have to live by.

Change is scary, at times. The reason why is because your brain is designed to fear the unknown, so how can we embrace it when we fear it?

When change arrive to our life, there is usually emotions and people involved that later on we have to learn to let go for example, when you were a child, you were very attached to your parents, then you grow older and had to let go of them to become an independent men/woman on your own. Maybe you used to live with your grandparents, but your parents decided to have a second child, and they end up moving to a bigger house which resulted in having to visit your grandparents only in summertime.

You get familiar with emotions and if you are lucky learn to control them over time. Part of that control is letting go of feelings that no longer serve you. Some people are in your life for a period of time, other for a cause and others for a whole life.



You first need to know when you are going through a state of change. Often times, you get symptoms, feelings and fear of the unknown. Change appear in two different ways. It could be unexpected or something that we perceived, and we have been preparing for. It is a great practice to journal about the period of changes that you are going throw, and when you do so, add that you know that change is here or coming into your life. That will allow to have a little bit of more control over what's coming.


Part of acknowledging change is accepting it. It is here or coming, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it, then is time to accept. How do you do it? Practice positive affirmations out loud in front of a mirror or write them down in a journal and be specific about what's happening in your life. Have a day with yourself and your feelings alone where you can meditate and allow yourself to feel the roller coaster of emotions that are coming into your life. A good method for that is to take a long deep shower while you give yourself that time to think about.

The worst or the best

Ask yourself these two questions, what is the worst it can happened? What is the best it can happened? Be honest with yourself about this. Know that this practice has nothing to do with being negative or positive. It is a practice that will help you raise your vibration in case what you are going through is something you dislike, be more aware of what's happening around you, or what path is your life taking.


Time cures everything, and by that I am not saying you won’t have the mark, but the overall felling will be gone. Time is the most precious thing we have available to us, and just like the harvest you need to go through seasons to see the results. Give yourself time to heal, to accept and know that you might fall back during the process. The important thing to know is that no matter what, it will all pass, and it will be fine.

Letting go is not the easiest to do, especially when you are attached to someone that you have known for a long time. Sometimes, we have to let go of people that no longer serve us to have in our life, it might be because of a toxic relationship, because of distance or because of change that happened through time.

- Trust yourself.

No one knows you better than you do, so learn to trust yourself and your instincts. We know ahead of time when is time to move on, in a relationship, but we decide to ignore the signs or our intuition, big mistake, but we are not perfect. We learn over time. Other times, we rely do not know that we must walk away, and it comes to a surprise to us. You must remain calm and trustful that at the end it will all be OK. You have your own back, you are your best friend, you are your own hero, and your inspiration, so trust that you have the power to survive this, learn what you need to learn and move on with your life.

- Give it purpose

When you live time with intention, you will find yourself giving purpose to everything that happen to you. That's when you hear other people saying, "everything happen for a reason" Well, that's the way it should be. Every time someone leave your life, or you have to let someone go try to give it purpose. Be grateful for the time they were here, and look deep into the lessons, good memories and experiences you had with them, that's how you give them purpose.

- Focus on yourself

A lot of time, depending on who this person was in your life, there could be a good amount of energy and emotions in it from which you might need to heal from. Reconnect with your inner self. Walk in nature, read a book, listen to a podcast or do something you love. Pay attention to yourself and redirect your energy into the positive, most probably you have been in a low frequency energy feeling sad, disappointed and lonely. Clean the house, use sage, incenses, crystals, and a candle. Start again.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post and let me know what you think and what methods do you use. Love you all much, and I will see you back tomorrow.

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