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Actualizado: 21 ene 2022

WELCOME back to another blog. Can you believe is already a new year? it went by way too fast. I am very happy to be back with the blogs, this new year I have a lot of ideas that I would love to share with you, so you can be your best version.

This is all you need to know to be successful in 2022.

Every year we start with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism about all of te goals we would love to accomplish like the begging of a new year has magic in it that motivate us to give our best, but why don’t we keep the same energy and positivism to accomplish the things we want for the 365 days next to come?

First thing you need to know is this:

- Forget that is a new year.

The only thing you need is to use that beginning energy on your favor to accomplish your goals. All the beginnings eventually come to an end, and that is why most of the time we never keep on going. Time is an illusion, I did not came up with that, but I do believe is true.

- Set only 3 to 5 goals.

Don’t get overwhelm setting up 10 or more goals when realistically you won’t even look back to that paper until the end of the year. Be specific on what you want, write them down in a journal, agenda or piece of paper that you can look at every singe day.

-Goals to do list.

You know like sometimes we wake up and we want to do super productive, and we create this crazy to do list of 300 things to do when the day only has 24 hours. Well, this is your time to become really proactive. All you need to do is: Every night before going to bed I want you to go over your goals and create a to do list of steps that you can take the next day to accomplish your goal. For example, lets imagine that you want to be more fit and healthy this 2022, what are the things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle? eating better meals, sleep better, drink more water, be active and so on. those are going to be your steps. now, only do one step or (to do) per goal. Same way that you don’t want to get overwhelm with 10 goals, you also don’t want to have a massive to do list. Remember than less is better than perfect.

-Discover your purpose.

We always talk about this one, but I feel a lot of time you don’t even know what this is. You need to discover your passion, your motto, what you are good at, your talents and all those combine have a lot to do with your purpose. Live everyday with purpose doing the things that you are supposed to be doing in this world. life is way too short to waste it on things you don’t even like.

-Growth everyday.

Do something everyday to challenge yourself, learn something new, read a new book, do your meditation, talk to people you admire, take a course, do a research, or read a post. Learning new skills is good to regenerate cells. Even when we stop going to school, we should continue our learning journey on our own.

This are my tips for you to be successful this year 2022. I hope you find them useful and you can put them into practice as soon as possible since the year just began. I wish a weekend full of love and excitement.

Remember to leave some love on the comments down bellow and I will see you on our next post.

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