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When we are feeling sad, it’s easy to get discourage and hard to get through it. In our life trip, we are going to face sadness more than one time for sure, and that is totally fine, but it will be much easier if you learn how to deal with it.

Have you ever felt sad for no specific reason?

Well, let me tell you, that’s very common. For the most part, I am a very calm, positive and a happy person, but I do have a day or two during the month that I do not feel my best. I will leave 4 tips bellow in case this ever happen to you.

Remember, the idea isn’t to be happy 100% because that is not healthy, since emotions are made to be feel and give us the bigger lessons of our life.

My biggest secret when I feel sad or depress is to accept it, feel it to the fullest, turn it into something else and let it go.

4 things to do when you feel sad.

1. Accept your feelings

Oftentimes, when I give this advice to anyone; the most frequently asked question is: How do I accept what is happening to me? If you do not accept your feelings, then you are creating a resistance around them, and that will make it worst because you can attract more of the same, and you don’t want that. In order to accept what you’re feeling, first, you need to acknowledge what’s going on and why things get to that point. Even if you are sad for no reason, there is a reason behind your sadness if that make sense. What I mean is that you don’t need a specific cause to be unhappy at the moment, but you know deep inside where the change is need it. You are accepting your sadness or worries by acknowledge them.

2. Feel it to the fullest

This could sound a little bit crazy but pay attention to what I am about to tell you. When you are able to feel your sadness profoundly; this one, will lose its power over you. There are different ways to feel emotions to the fullest:

· Journal about it

· Talk about it with a friend

· Pray

· Talk to your inner self

3. Turn it into something else

Exchange your feelings. Try to upgrade to a higher emotion in the scale. I understand that you can’t go from unhappy to happy in a blink of an eye, but what you can do it’s to sense a superior one like, content or maybe a neutral feeling. You can accomplish that, by changing activities and here are some examples:

· Go for a walk

· Play with you pet

· Play music

· Make an art project

4. Let it go

Maybe, this will be the hardest to complete, but eventually I know you will make it happen. When you get to this point the most important thing you should know is that everything is temporal. Nothing last forever, so think about your situation like it is a fantasy. Yes, I said that, do you believe in magic? We are all magic and life is magic because everything is energy and vibrate at a certain energy level, that’s why you should see it as a fiction. Your sadness will go to pass eventually, and you will either laugh or forget about it sooner that you imagined, so detach from it.

· Pay attention to the present moment

· Focus on something specific

· Get busy

· Learn from It

Remember, everything happens for a reason. Learn the most you can and live the experience. Life is made of emotions and our job is to identify and manage them in a best way possible. Know your worth and appreciate the beauty that hides behind the dark.

Hoping this article will help you live your best life now. Have an amazing week, and I will see you here soon for another motivational experience.

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