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Hello friends and happy Wednesday. I am very happy to be back since i took a few days off. Today i am writing from a different place, this is. a cafe in a book store with an incredible vibe. I used to write from here years ago, but then i started trying different places just to explore a little bit.

Sings from the Universe you are in the right path.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves discourage because we are doing all this morning routine and manifestation practices, but we do not know if we are in the right path or doing the right thing.

If that's your case, then keep on reading...

Previously we talked about energetic vibration, so let me assume that by now you already know that everything is energy. Just like you attract things, circumstances and people into your life using the law of attraction/ vibration, you can also attract signs that will indicate you are in the right path.

Before i asked God, the universe or whoever you want to ask to, I like to do a short prayer. If the idea of praying feels to religious for you then, just do a small talk to the universe asking to show you signs that you are doing the right thing. You can be specific or not, honestly is up to you. I like to keep it open because i like to be surprised.

Signs from the Universe you are in the right path.

1- Synchronizations.

I want to say this is probably the most clear and real sign you are going to get from the universe. They can manifest in different ways for example, if what you want to manifest is a white Range Rover car, then you start seeing this one everywhere. Maybe is a house and you will see it in a magazine, it could be a partner, and you could find out that the guy in front of you in the coffee shop has the same qualities you're looking for. It could also be that you are seeing a lot of angel numbers or repetitive numbers just like 11:11 or 333.

2- You are feeling good.

I know this is a very general form to put it but hear me out. When i say feeling good what i mean s that no matter what's going on you have an inner peace that keep you grounded and controlling your emotions. It is not like nothing bothers you, but even if you find things that don't align with who you are, you have a different non reactive way to deal with them.

3- You see rainbows

For some seeing rainbows is a sign of good luck and fortune, but this is another sign the universe uses to communicate with you abundance and good life. Maybe you are trying to manifest a lifestyle, maybe is more money or a new job. You may start seeing rainbows in the sky, in the TV, in a newspaper, in a book, in a bag, etc. Rainbows can manifest in many different ways not only in the sky, so expect to see it anywhere.

4- Easiness and Challenges

When things get easier, or line up with no trouble is a good sign that everything is going smoothly in order. Also, when you experience a challenging situation in your life means that you are about to enter a greater chapter. Look at your past and all the struggles you have experience and think to yourself what has happened after? Did something better came into your life? Probably yes. At the time i am sure you complaint about it, but then you understood.

This are ways and signs the universe has to communicate with you, but there are many other ways too. Let me know in the comment section, if you know any way or sign of the universe, so we could all learn from it.

I hope this post has been useful to you like always, and i will be back tomorrow with another inspiring post to make your life brighter.

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