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Reflecting on 2020. 8 questions to review your year and reflect on what’s ahead of you.

Actualizado: 21 ago 2021

Hello friends:

I am very happy to be back here with a new post full of reflection and empowerment that will help you growth and improve yourself. My intention is to create a positive atmosphere for all of us to meditate on the 2020 and learn from our experiences.

It is no secret that this year we have faced some real big challenges worldwide, but the good news is that if you are reading this you made it through.

I wanted to create this questions for my own benefits, but after I answered them I realized that if it helped me understand the past year and be more grateful about it, it could probably help you as well.

8 questions to analyze your 2020 and prepare you for 2021.
What is the most important lesson you learned on 2020?

I don’t know for you, but for me this one is very easy to answer. The most important lesson I learned this past 2020 is that:

You first take a decision, and then you figure things out instead of trying to know in advance what road you should take. Base on my own experience; every time I needed to do a change in my life or take important steps I would find myself thinking to much about it, trying to find solution for all of the outcomes. I wanted to have everything under control, but life just happens and the majority of times things won’t come out the way we planned that is why is so important to let fo because we definitely can’t control every single scenario. In conclusion, the best way to go is just taking the decision you need to make and be secure about it, then the rest you can figure it out later as time goes.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was when my mother past away. She died on March 2020 during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this happened out of United States, so it was basically nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t travel because everything was shut down, and not even with an emergency permit was it possible. I was mad, sad, impotent, and I started to have all kind of different feelings about the situation. it was a challenge because on one side I was inside my head telling myself how bad of a daughter I was that I couldn’t even be there the day she died, and on the other hand I was dealing with the struggle that she was in another country and I had to do all the movements so she could have the proper ceremony.

What did you enjoy the most?

This 2020, since covid 19 happened we all had to quarantine in one way or the other. Even though I did not lose my job, I had more time because my hours got cut. with that being said you probably know by now that one of the things I enjoy the most was having more free time for myself. I was able to spent more time with Ginger, my dog. I went for long walks, run on beautiful places, discovered new coffee shops around my neighborhood, and basically I adopted a new lifestyle that its was not just surrounded by work.

What are you the most proud this year?

This year I confirmed of how a strong women I am. even though it was a difficult year, and base on my personal experience it was a year full of changes I still made through. I had to let go, move on, accept new stories, change my perspective and so much more, but I still did it all. I had a lot of support, which I am very grateful for, so I did not do it all alone, but here I am proud and stronger than ever before.

What did you do different on 2020?

I have always been the kind of person that loves to plan everything and about everything. I am just obsessed with planners and agendas and notebooks, whatever thing you can use to plan. that was what I actually didn’t do on 2020. since the year started I decided that I was just not going to stress about planning, goals or resolutions, I went with the flow. I did not accomplish much last year, but I have no regrets. it wasn’t the year for planning anyway, so I am happy that things actually came out good for me. this year 2021 I already started planning, and I am loving it. I feel so much better and secure about goals than ever before.

What was the best decision you took?

The best decision I took was letting go of a relationship that wasn’t adding value to my life. I was miserable the majority of the time, lost my identity, couldn’t do most of the things I wanted to do, so it was holding me back. I realize a lot with this relationship, I also have nothing to be regretful about because I needed the lessons I learned to become a better me.

What did you do for you physical and mental health?

I started 2020 at a really good pace, but as the year went by I lost interest, and right after that happened all this events and changes took place. I went of track very early on the year, I will say around marsh 19 or so. my mind was drained and also my body. I am not blaming the circumstances or not even the pandemic, it was just me, I wasn’t right mentally to keep going with my health and fitness journey. I tried many times to go back on a routine, find inspiration and find a purpose, but it didn’t happen. I let go, but the beauty of it, its that I did not give up.

What advised will you give your last year self?

I will say that everything is temporary, that no matter how big is the storm there is always calm right after. Definitely, not everything will be the way you planned, so sometimes you have to let go and let the universe or god or your higher self take control of the situation. I will tell my own self that you can do it all alone, but you don’t have to. It is sane and great to ask for help. There is always a tomorrow even if is not in this life.

This are my questions to you for this past year. I answered them myself an it gave me peace and happiness, now with a grateful heart to start a new journey, take more risk and definitely get out of my confort zone because today is all we have for sure.

thank you again fo the support, for being present and for having my back. I wish you all a happy new year.

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