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MANIFESTING YOUR DREAM LIFE. What you need to know.

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, first you need to know what kind of life is that. Manifesting comes easier to some than others, but is a subjective matter.

Hello friends and Wellcome back to another blog post. I hope you have had an amazing time after my last publication since its been over 7 days. On my end, I am very happy to be back with another interesting topic to help you create your dream life. Today, I will be giving you some tips to manifest your dream life.


Yes, that’s right, decide what life you want to experience. is it a luxurious lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, boss babe lifestyle, writer lifestyle, entrepreneur lifestyle or investor/businessmen lifestyle? Whatever it is that you are trying to manifest it all start with a decision. If you are unsure in what you want these are things you can do to find out:

- Meditation, ask for guidance from your higher self.

- Prayers, ask god for an answer, but do the asking first.

- Track your thoughts, usually our mind is flying somewhere and most times is in the place where we wish we could be.

- What are you attracted the most to? What movies inspire you, what instagram feeds you follow, what Pinterest accounts resonate with you the most?


Building a step by step guide is super easy. After you have decided what kind of life you want to live, the next thing you are gonna do is to research what the people already living this life are doing or what do you think they are doing. Sometimes we get all this ideas from social media and then we create our own whish does not necessarily has to be real, as long as it is real to you, that is all that matters. Once you find out what this things are, start creating your step by step list. It will be something like you are giving directions to another person, so make sure this steps are understandable.

- wake up at 6 am

- have a morning routine

- do exercise

- read the news/read a book

- start writing on your book

Whatever it is that this lifestyle looks like it definitely have some habits and this will build up your list, so make sure you know what are this steps.


Start living your dream life. Yes, it is that simple. Nothing changes until you do, if you think that because you don’t have it yet you have to wait to a future that does not exist to actually manifest this life then you are wrong. Living your dream life has nothing to do with money or time or beauty or connections it has all to do with you and the actions you decide to make today.

- Write in a journal your ideal day from the minute you open your eyes until is time to go to sleep and don’t forget to describe all the details. What bed are you sleeping in, how does your house looks like, what car do go to work in, do you work from home, do you have kids? Write down absolutely everything.

- Have fun while you write. Imagine everything while you do your writing. This is a manifestation technique call scripting. Laugh, smell and use all your senses while writing this.

- Next day, start living what you wrote. Try to look for ways to do exactly what you wrote or find alternatives and get excited about it. Trust me this will get you closer to this life because the universe will think you already have it. This my friends is live as if.

I hope this is been a helpful blog for you and I can’t wait to hear your stories. Tell me in the comments down below what has been your biggest manifestation so far, and if you are new do not forget to subscribe to learn more about how to create your dream life.

I will be here on the next adventure with tons of tips.

Thank you guys.

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