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Living life as it comes and getting the experiences out of it.

Actualizado: 19 may 2022

When we talk about living life as it comes, it may sound kind of like not planning or being ready for the future, but the truth is what future?

The future is the new present, so what we are experiencing today is what once we perceived as the future.

It feels good to be present and not overthink all the time. Today is a big day and cover a lot of pressure as it is, now imagine putting more of that by thinking about things that haven’t even happen yet.

When you live life in the present time, you actually get to use all your senses, you can smell, hear, you can see, you can taste and you can touch.

Imagine having breakfast and not being able to enjoy because you are thinking about the traffic you are about to head on to get to work. Do you know what that is? You are actually waisting your present time and the opportunity to taste and enjoy the food by worrying about something you don’t want to deal with. At the end, either you still going to have to hit that traffic or maybe it’s actually smooth.

I hope you guys understand my point here. Trust me I am an over thinker by nature, so you can imagine, but I decided that's not the life I want to live, so I made the desicion to change my mentality and start training my brain with a really simple strategy.

This is what I do:

Everyday when I wake up I ask myself three questions:

Who do I want to be today?

What life I want to live today?

What I am going to do for myself today?

It is currently 11:30 am as of right now. it is beautiful day in Florida with a temperature of 82 degrees, blue sky, sunny day and fresh air outside my entry door. At this time, I already did my morning routine and ask myself this three questions.

Today I want to be someone that encourage others, someone that inspire by taking action and someone that motivates people to try to live their best life. Today I want to live an inspired life, a life that I can enjoy and look back and feel proud of.

I hope you guys are having the best day of your life. Today is 2-22-22 and you were chosen to live in this exact time don’t waist the opportunity to do something amazing now.

Thank you for choosing my blog to get inspire and motivated and I will see you back on our next date with a positive lifestyle.

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