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Hello friends and welcome back to another self improvement blog post.

As you can see, today's topic is how to use a planner. Definitely planning is not for everyone, but you could cultivate the habit of tracking your goals for better results.

I have always love planning, it motivates me to keep on going and it helps me remember the things i want in life.

You can use a planner in many different ways, and you can also buy any planner that you prefer. For me, planning with stickers makes it more fun and powerful, but if you are not the sticker kind that's OK too.


Things you can track:

- Use your planner to track your water intake, workouts, reading list, projects, routines and habits.

- Use your planner to write and remember your daily schedule at work and important dates coming up.

- Plan doctor's appointment, school meeting and family reunion.

- Plan your goals, write down your weekly goals and steps to follow up.

- Plan your meals and your weight loss progress.

- Write down your grocery list to keep a budget.

- Write down your saving plan.

- Write down your deadlines.

- Cleaning task

- Menstrual cycle

- Gratitude list and weekly motivational quote.

- Weekly intentions

- Special dates and birthdays

- Car maintenance and bills.

These are some of the ideas on how you can use your planner and what to write in it. Planning is very personal for everybody, so there is not right or wrong way to do it. Just be creative and have a lot of fun.

I hope you could benefit from this post and i will be here again tomorrow morning. Have an amazing weekend.

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