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Actualizado: 30 jul 2019

Life not always is what we think of and circumstances doesn’t occur the way we expect. Do we need to be ready for this?

No, there is no way we can be ready when the hard time arrives, there will always be moments where we lose motivation and kind of lose ourselves a bit.

If you have been feeling stuck lately or discouraged, then keep on reading, THIS POST IS FOR YOU.

How to press the reset button and get your life together?

I consider appropriate to write this post since we are half year away of 2020. Can you believe it? I know, time is going too fast. It is already the month of July and perfect occasion to review our goals and be realistic at where we are standing at.

Oftentimes, it’s hard to admit that we have been procrastinating and taking breaks kind of too longs. This happen to me about two or three weeks ago. Usually, when my work schedule drastically changes I tent to postpone significant tasks such as:

· Self-Care

· Gym time

· Reading time

1. The first thing to get rid of this sequence is to acknowledge that you’ve been in it.

2. Second of all, you need to identify what have been holding you back.

3. Third, you should implement a new lifestyle routine.

Here I am going to give you some tips on how to reset your life and go back to the road you are supposed to be in.

1- Do you know your life purpose?

Identifying why you are here for is the most important step, in order to get your life together, since you need a “COME BACK BUTTON” it is essential that you recognize your “whys” and where do you want to go. I recommend you write your life purpose and why you want to get to that destination. This will give you FOCUS and MOTIVATION, owning to the fact that, when you are committed to accomplish a goal there is a passion burning inside you that will follow every step of your way until you go back to the road that will eventually lead to that destination.

2- Cleaning and decluttering

I know, I know, this one is not for everyone, but let me tell you something, YES, IT IS FOR ALL OF US. How could you possibly concentrate when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere?

A little bit of tidying and organizing won’t hurt your bones, so get your hands into it. Go through your closet and donate the items that you do not use or give them to a friend that may like it. BE KIND. Also, clean your space, and maybe add some new decorations that will make you smile and be more present. I recently went to buy yellow flowers for my room because I wanted to give it a happy touch, and this worked out perfectly, so now I feel content and refresh. Do not sub-estimate what a small detail can add to your life.

3- Less is better than perfect.

Someone I love, often laugh when I repeat this phrase, and I still do not know why. Anyways, let me tell you that this is not an excuse, however it’s a successful way to get things done. Try it, and you will see. Frequently, we tent to load our to do list with hundreds of errands to run, as we want to accomplish so much that we end up by doing nothing and washing Netflix instead. As a result, we just get overwhelm and procrastinate leaving important assignments for tomorrow or the next day and on, and on. Schedule three priorities for the day and start from there. Remember less is better than perfect.

4- Create a VISION BOARD

In order to achieve any goal, you need a clear idea of what it is you want, with the purpose of, knowing where you are going, if that make sense, and a great way to do so is crafting a VISION BOARD. It’s really simple, just get a decent size cardboard and staple or glue images of your desires. Get inspired and imaginative, this is your chance to DREAM. You can put anything you want from a car, house, shoes, dream job, career, money, literally anything. This is your DREAM SO AS YOUR BOARD.

5- Love, acceptance and be present.

This are my favorites and they go perfect together, so I decided to assign them to the same category.

LOVE is the center of the universe and the biggest feeling that moves the world and transform everything into a better state of being. Love yourself as you already are and walk your way up. If you want a better body shape and health, start where you are with what you have, appreciate and accept yourself and that will growth your desire for improvement, as a result, you will achieve your body goal faster.

ACCEPTANCE isn't conformism, however is a love demonstration. Accepting circumstances, feelings or difficult times doesn’t mean that you have to be cross arms and stay there, instead is the acknowledge of a necessary process to expand your life, because I hope you know that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, right?

Stop complaining, instead, breath, meditate, go for a walk, and offer kind to the world with your actions.

BE PRESENT because you are not getting any younger, prettier or smarter, so do it now. Whatever it is that you've been wanting to do, there won’t be a better time to do so. Be here now, you were chosen to live in this earth at this right moment, use your time to discover your purpose and passion and dedicate your life to it. LIVE A MEANINGFUL LIFE. This is all you got.

I really hope you guys have an amazing weekend. It feels so good to be back with new and refreshing content, as always trying to create valuable content to help you design the life of your dreams.

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