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Hello friends and welcome back to another morning blog.

Today i will be showing you some techniques about how to raise your vibration.

For those of you that are new to the blog and don't know what this community is about, let me tell you that this is a positive space where you are going to build momentum to accomplish the bigger goals in your personal life. This is a self improvement and development site where you will grow everyday.

What is vibration?

Yesterday afternoon, i was listening to a video where the speaker was mentioning that you see whatever is in your circle of vibration. After hearing that i decided, well i need to talk about this topic in my blog.

What the girl said is true because we attract what we believe. if we attract what we believe what does that has to do with vibration? You vibrate at a frequency and that frequency transform your believes, and we attract what we believe. Vibration comes before the belief.

Everything in the universe is energy. Now, close your eyes and imagine that you are vibrating, then visualize how there are frequency waves coming out of your body and elevating into the universe. Literally that is vibration.

Why is this important?

It is important because you attract whatever is in your circle of vibration. for example, the house of your dreams vibrate at a certain frequency, so in order for you to attract that house you must vibrate at the same frequency. Do you understand now?

It is not as easy as it sounds because there is a lot of internal work to do to actually vibrate at the same frequency of the things we want to attract into our lives.

Believes, thoughts and emotions contribute to our energetic vibration. For example, if we frequently think that by becoming a millionaire we will have more freedom then, eventually you are going to believe that's true. As a consequence of that belief, you are going to take actions that will embrace that belief, which will take you start vibrating in that energy.

Now that you know what is vibration and why is it important i am going to show you what i do everyday to keep my vibration high and how to rise it?

It is important to protect your energetic vibration at all times because we are weak and until we establish a strong mindset, negativity can easily get to us and destroy our energetic vibration. Avoid negative people and negative talks the more you can, as well as, doing things that don't bring any good change into your life.

How to raise your vibration?

1- One of the things i always do and i absolutely love and enjoy is reading, but if you don't like reading i have the perfect solution for you, audio-books. The same self improvement books i read are available to listen. Find an audio book about self improvement or that talk about positive things that resonate with you and that will make you feel like you can change the world. You don't need a schedule to listen to this book, what you need is to do it often. There are many that i could recommend like:






2- Gratitude is food for the soul, and that's one of the keys to attract whatever you want in life. Sometimes it does not work and the reason is that you are not being genuine. Gratitude has to be deep, pure and honest. The most effective way i have found to be grateful is speaking out loud. When i am on the way to work i like to look at what is around me, nature, cars, people running, sun, and just life in general. Then, i start being grateful for anything that comes to my mind. I get a lot of ideas that way, i also get emotional sometimes because i can actually feel what i am saying. Another good way to practice your gratitude is to separate some time in the morning and standing in front of the mirror start having a conversation with the universe or God about the things you are grateful. The last and most popular method is journaling about it. You could just simply have a gratitude journal, and start listing things you are grateful for.

3- Do activities that you enjoy. When we do what we love, we feel great. Do things that you potentially feel good about and that will keep you thinking after practicing them or motivated before. That is the best system. Find out what are the things that you enjoy, but before you actually do it you are motivated, excited and thinking about it, and after you do it you can't stop talking about it or can't wait to tell your friends. Traveling, taking a soul cycle class, going to yoga, writing a book, going to the library, walking in nature or going to the beach. It could be anything, even shopping, just be careful with that one because if you are trying to attract money, but you are broke then spending money doesn't necessary raise your vibration if that make sense. The reason why is because it might happen that once you look at the 0 available money in your account, you will start feeling bad about it. Just be careful there with the things you choose. Remember, it is supposed to make you feel good.

4- Change your negative thoughts. If you are looking to raise your vibration that means that you are not feeling very good lately because you have been negative. Maybe something happened recently in your life, a breakup, a lost, an overdue payment or anything. Give yourself some time to feel and accept your pain whatever it is you are going through. Be kind and gentle to yourself, think of yourself as your best friend, so take care of you, and last, remember that life continues and you must move on with your journey. We all have a purpose higher than ourselves even if, we don't know what that is. You must continue on your purpose and the universe and God will give the strength to keep going. Later on, you will understand the reason why things happen the way the do because the universe always reveals its secrets to you in a way or another.

These are my 4 favorite tips on how you can raise your vibration when you are feeling down, stuck or unmotivated. Live life on purpose and make sure you give meaning to it at all times.

I wish you a beautiful Thursday and i hope you feel much better after reading this blog post.

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