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Hello fiends and welcome to a weekend blog post. Today is Saturday and still early, by the time you are reading this it will be around 10:30 in the morning probably. That means we still have the entire day to make changes and shift our reality.

Last night, I booked a meditation session of 45 minutes, and those where the most worth 45 minutes of my whole day. I felt renewed and restored, ready to give it all.

We all face different circumstances in life, but the most important thing is to remain calm and stay positive. You want to protect your energy from bad vibes and negative feelings because that is how your vibrational energy gets affected and why a lot of times, we are not able to manifest the life we want.

It is easy to get frustrated when we have no idea how to control what we are feeling through our thoughts. We received a letter from the bank sending us to court for missing payments, we have a death in the family, our kids are not behaving at school, we are having a terminal sickness, we lost our car, we have not enough money to pay the rent, we want to show as we really are, but our parents will never approve, etc. There is plenty of trouble out there for you to get frustrated and lose your peace, but here is what you can do.

1- Control the information you received.

A lot of times, we allow other people, the media, the tv, the radio news or a family member to get to our heads with misread information. You can control the way that you receive the news. Stay away from negative people that will only be happy to see you going through trouble just to say, “I told you so” Avoid the cable news, since they are so exaggerated when they provide information. Instead of listening to the radio, try a podcast. You can control how you get the information and where you get it from. I am not saying that absolutely everything, but I am sure you can control 90% of it. Then, when the remaining 10% get to you, I promise you will have way more strength to deal with it, at least more than if you will have to give all your energy into the other 90%.

2- Watch out for your reaction.

For every action there is a reaction. Have you ever heard of this before? The law of cause and effect. There is always going to be something going on, perhaps at work, school, in the house, or even in your mind. How do you react to everything that happen to you is how you are showing the universe how prepared you are to receive all your manifestation? When the news or problems come to you think that everything is temporary and that you have what it takes to face this chaos. Remember, all in life has two faces, just like the ying and the yang. If you are scare is to teach you to have courage, if you are desperate is to teach you to be patience and if you are sad is to teach you to be happy. Life is the best teacher you are always going to have, better to learn those lessons fast, so we don’t have to repeat the exam, right?

3- Protect your energy by letting go.

Letting go is part of all practices. You already have the bad news, there are only two paths,

Either you stay right where you are suffering, or you move on and let go. If is something that your ca control and solve move fast and take the actions you have to take and let that go. Staying into that stay of mind is only going to manifest more of the same experiences into your life. Have you ever wondered why every bad thing always happened to you at the same time, well, that is why? The best way to protect your energy is by letting all those chaotic situations go. What is part of the past we already cannot change, so why stay there then.

Practicing a spiritual routine to protect your mind and your energy is always going to be your best friend. The more you prepared yourself for this life the better quality you will have as you live. All this thing will be easier to do if you have the knowledge to deal with them. Practice meditations, pray every day, do your gratitude in the morning, journal about your day to let go of feelings, and visualize the life you want.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Remember that either you focus on what you want or the lack of it. Maybe you have been trying to manifest for a while and you have not seen results yet, it might be because you are not focusing on that what you want, but instead in the lack of that what you want. Keep a close eye in your manifestation and protect your energy for all the negativity that there is. Use all the resources that now you know and live a happier life.

I love you all so much and I will be back tomorrow with more inspiring contact.

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