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Good morning friends, and welcome to another morning blog.

As you can see in the topic, today we will start taking care of ourselves and will learn to feel good about doing so.

Oftentimes, we build the habit of loving others more than we love ourselves, but is that even healthy? We must love ourselves in order to give it back to the rest of the world, and a lot of times society does not make it easy for us. Working on yourself and making YOU a priority should be a goal on your own life. People will always say, that's the most selfish thing to do. and the more they say it the least you should care about it. Why? the ones that love you genuinely will allow you to take time for yourself and will push you to be better. I experience that with my fiance, we have a beautiful relationship not only because we understand each other but because we challenge each other and are always looking for ways to improve. The people that love you will take care of your kids for you to have a relax bath, but that only happens if you love yourself enough to show that respect for your own person.

You reflect your feelings about who you think you are , so for instance that is the perspective other will get from you.

I like to think of people as if they were scanners, they look at everything, know what is going on, notice how you feel and that is because you will always reflect from the inside out.

Now, if you show up, respect, and take care of yourself, the rest won't have other choice than respect that as well because is simply who you are.

This is the reason why you should never feel guilty about prioritizing yourself. We are living in a different time line, women used to have to be at home all day taking care of the family and talking to the service about decorations for the house. Those times are over now, and if you haven't find out yet, well is time for you to make some adjustments. Now days, you have a voice that can be heard, you have a heart that can be loved, you have a life that can be live on purpose. We fought to be independent because we are smart, strong and capable of doing admirable things. This was done for you, you that get the opportunity to live here now, for you to accomplish big things, for you to follow your purpose and do all that you love.

Thinking about what your family will say because you don't do the cooking or the laundry in the house is absurd. We have much more strength that we can possibly think of, if we are capable of giving birth, going through our menstrual cycle, and still be loving a caring, then you can do it all.

For those guys that follow me as well, you should all be proud that women can support you so much like they do now. We all came to this world to accomplish a purpose higher than ourselves and having women on your side will make your team stronger. Respect your mother, your sister, your daughter and your wife, and embrace who they are.

We could care for everyone, and us as well. Prioritizing yourself does not mean you will forget about everybody, won't cooperate at home, won't have a job, won't support your kids or won't do laundry or cooking ever again. It is about setting some boundaries and caring for other as much as you do for yourself.

How to make yourself a priority?

- Take some time for yourself. Either to take care of you by doing your skin care routine or to work on your projects, but take time to do something you love, alone.

- Learn to say no. If you are tired, can't take more work or simply don't feel like doing it, say NO. There should not be anything that compromise your mental health.

- Have a self love day. Take a day of the week to take care of your body, go buy something you like, have a coffee in a coffee shop or whatever makes you happy.

- Enjoy the little things. A lot often, we spend so much time taking care of things and people that we forget that there are simple things that could fill our heart, see the sunrise, a walk in nature, go to the beach, listen to the birds and breath.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that you start taking care of yourself. Also, big shout out to those guys that embrace women and that support them no matter what, know that you make the difference.

I will be back tomorrow morning with another inspiring post.

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