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OFTENTIMES, we spend our time wondering how will it be if we could live the life of our dreams.

Wellcome to another blog post. I am very happy to be back posting now on Saturdays. It makes me very happy to be able to inspire and motivate peoples life because I have always known that is part of my life purpose. Today, I want to write about living a quality life, but what does that mean?

Living a quality life is living a life that you enjoy every single day you are in this world. it took me a while to be where I am today, and personally I make so many mistakes that may be the ones you are doing today, and the reason to not be experiencing a life you love.

The truth is we all have a story to tell. Nobody knows your pain and what you have being through other than yourself, but that is part of your past now, and fortunate that does not exist anymore. Yes, it could be in your mind, but that is because you decided that way, and it does not have to be like that.

  • First, thing you need to do to live a quality life is get rid of any attachments from the past. All you have is HERE NOW, and that’s what you have to handle. Bringing the past into your day to day is only decreasing your vibrational frequency and if that frequency is not matching your dream life then, you are way far to obtain the results you want to live. in order to be present all you have to do is to live with intention. Everyday when you wake up set the intentions for you day because every morning you have the opportunity to live the life you want and to change the habits you want to change. Remember, it’s all in your mind, there is no way to get positive outcomes if you are in a negative state of mind. Change your mindset with meditation, journaling, affirmations, talk to positive people, exorcise, read a self improvement book, watch an inspiring movie, go out and treat yourself. Expect positive experiences and be inspire every morning since you wake up to live a life you love.

  • Living a life you love and enjoy its not that hard if you think about it. If you spend so much energy trying to make other people happy, your parents, your boyfriend, your friends, the family, and every person around you then, trust me you are capable of making yourself happy because that happiness comes from you. Second, when you wake up in the morning first thing you should ask yourself is, who do I want to be today? this looks like a simple question, but it is not. once you answer this at least for a week you are going to start noticing certain patterns in your life like, you may not really like your job, you have a new hobby, you don’t enjoy being with your husband anymore, you want to learn something new. this is a auto-discovery question for you to get close to yourself. we change with time because we evolve, as humans we like different things and the more we grow and experience life, the more we realize who we really are. this question is for you to have a new intention everyday and once you have the answer then, go and experience that you want. life is very short and we will be here for a very limited amount of time, so I encourage you to do more of the things you love, do more for you.

  • Living a quality life is unlike for everyone because we have different interest, but the tips I am giving you work no matter what is it that you want. The reality is that we all should be living a life we love because that’s whats meant to be. Third, What can you do yourself for yourself? This is my favorite from all of the three steps. If you don’t do things for yourself to be happy and enjoy, no-one will do it for you. When you wake up in the morning instead of being bitter and sad or worry you should create momentum. What I mean is that you need to be conscious about the moment you are having the opportunity to live today. think about all those positive aspects of your life, all the people you are grateful for and all the amazing experiences you have had the chance to live. Create that happy moment since the beginning of the day, and then you can continue as the day goes on. Ask yourself this question, then, whatever the answer is do it. If you could love yourself a little more and that will make an improvement then, go in front of the mirror and start there by telling yourself I love you.

My friends, I just want you to remember how precious your life is and the minute you realize how short of a period of time we are here for maybe that will be the day you start living a quality life. Hope is not too late.

Love you all and hoping you enjoy your weekend and have an amazing week. do not forget to leave a comment on the comment section about how you live a quality life and follow me on instagram for inspiration on how to create your dream life.

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