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Hello friends, and welcome to another blog post. Today, I am writing from a beautiful coffee shop in Miami with a calming and peaceful atmosphere. As I write, i am looking out the window and appreciating nature in all of it's concept. Then, I am thinking of when doing this and having this kind of life was a dream to me.

Today, i have decided to talk about this topic because a lot of you think that the only way to afford a luxury lifestyle is by making a lot of money. Well, you are wrong. Yes, all this is technically connected to money, but do not forget that everything is energy including us.

I am going to tell you my own experience in life and how I went from nothing to everything and what is really the only thing you need to live a luxurious lifestyle.

When I was a kid I used to live in a farm with my grandparents, cows, chickens and a dog. My mom was not really in the picture back then neither my dad, but I was a very wild and happy little girl. We literally have nothing, and when I say nothing I really mean it. At times, there was no food or water, neither money to buy shoes for school or supplies, so you can imagine it was a time of necessity. Since we had no money for toys I came out with this interesting game where I had to use my imagination. I used to imagine the life i wanted to life, and i would play all day long to be that person with a luxurious lifestyle. I was only 5 years old, and I clearly remember I used to drive a red brand new car, then i had a job i loved and of course a big house. The one thing i have always done right no matter how impossible, far or crazy might sound is Think Big.

1- Think Big

Dear to dream big. If you expect only was possible then you are not leaving room for the universe and God to work. Have you ever heard people saying "do your part and let god do it's part" That's part of what this is. You have to have faith that those things you want already are. Believing is part of the process of thinking big. Some of us, in order to dream big we have to see it or believe it fist, but that's not the way things work. You must show your faith first, you must believe to make it a reality. Dream big because it does not cost you anything. Close your eyes and think about the life you want to live, the things you want to own, the husband you would like to spend your life with, dare to dream big. I once heard someone saying that if it does not scare you is not big enough. I had not idea how i was gonna be able to drive this was 25 years ago where in the country i was born not many people drive a personal car, and also women there do not really drive much, but yest that was one of my dreams. I came to United States when i was 18 years of age, and the first thing i did was learn how to drive. All i can say is that 25 years ago driving seem far away, but i dared to dream anyway, and now it all became a reality.

2- Identify What a Luxury Lifestyle Mean to You.

It is important to understand what does it mean to have a luxury lifestyle for you. We are all different people with different goals, so luxury might be totally different for you than it is for me. Take a paper and write down the top ten experiences, routines, things that mean luxury to you. It is a good idea for you to have a structure when it comes to this things. I love traveling, but i also love my house, so in my personal case luxury include both. I love to wake up in a beautiful clean house with white decoration gray wood floors and white countertops, but i also enjoy a weekend get away to the keys and spending a morning watching the sunrise. Define what luxury means to you first and include all the details that you would like to be part of this lifestyle. Once you do this step it will be easier to continue applying the rest of the steps.

3- Keep a Positive Mentality

It is imperative that you begin to change your mentality around luxury things. If you look at something online that you really love, but maybe right now you do not have the money to buy it, do not intermediately assumed that you can't afford it and gave up on it. Instead, look for options or ways to do it and the universe will cooperate sending you the right people and circumstances for you to have your dream. I remember when i had my car lease about three years ago, and i needed to return the car and get a new lease because that's the way it work. The problem with that car was that someone crash the passenger door in parking lot and left the sit, literally 2 months before returning the car. The car had spills of coffee all over the sits and the best part yet I was over 17 thousand miles. Usually when you lease in United States it goes for about 36 to 48 months leaving you with 12 thousand miles to drive per year of lease. I was positive that everything was going to work out and saved some money to get a new lease, but kept a positive mentality that i was going to get out of that lease without paying a cent and with a brand new car. It seemed impossible specially because when you have a lease the dealers are more digressive. The day finally came and i went to the dealer, i sat down with the sales guy and he said the only way will be for me to return the lease in the same dealer shop i bought it and then take a new car lease. I was not convinced because i knew that would mean payments. I went home that day. At the point i was still positive thinking that everything was going to be OK. Two days after, the sales manager called and told me to pass by to talk about it. I went to the place and the new dealer offer to send the money for the mileage to the old dealer shop in return for me to get a new lease with them. It worked out perfectly, I returned the old lease in it's own shop without paying a cent and got a new car in a new dealer shop without paying a cent. I can tell you from experience that i have been leasing for 7 years now that I have never heard of this before, but the universe placed the people in the right place at the perfect time.

4- You Can Afford It

You know that you can afford it. Stop buying junk stuff with bad quality to go with the trends. You have to own a I can afford it mentality if you want all this luxurious things. The point here is that you have to start somewhere. It's like saving money, think about it this way. You do not start saving money by putting aside $1000 dollars right? You start from something small, then you build up from there. That will keep you going and motivated to continue the journey. Try this method, when you want a coffee instead of going to Starbucks or your local coffee shop find something more high end and try that instead. If you are beginning on this journey the best way to go is instead of spending money on little things multiple times save your money and spend it once in something big. for instance, if you want a one day hotel experience and you know that will cost you about 100 dollars a day for a private chair and a private beach facing the hotel, save up your money from the month and instead of buying coffee or eating out use the money on that. I know you want it all and that's OK, but you have to start at some point and most of the time that point is at the very bottom. Once you experienced this once you wont go back to what you know because you have try the quality of the life that you want to own, and its harder to go back than keep fighting for what makes you happy. Start small.

5- Manage you time

For me a luxurious lifestyle have a lot to do with managing my time. We are all different, but for the most part we all dream of having the freedom to do what we love in our own time, but we work so much that our lives are consumed by it. Wake up earlier to accomplish more things. If your dream luxury life includes working out, going to a coffee shop or simply have a cup of tea in your garden, start waking up earlier, so you can do all this things. I love to write as you have figured out by now, and at the same time I work for a company with flexible but different schedules at all times, so for me to be able to write i have to wake up early, but i get to live my luxury life because i can manage my time. You do not have to wake up at 5 am but 2 or 3 hours earlier will be a good start, so you can have a more steady routine.

6- Eat Good Foods

Honestly is a luxury to be alive because being here now is not a guarantee. We are all going to die one day, so take care of yourself. I do not eat healthy all the time. My friends know that i love a big burger with cheddar cheese and fries, but i do not do it all the time. This is probably the one thing I struggle the most with, and I constantly have to remind myself to be more conscious about the things I eat. You can start by incorporating little things like a green juice or adding more fruits and vegetables to food that you are already eating.

7- Create a Luxury Vision Board.

Vision boards are great help to imagine the kind of lifestyle you want to have since we actually think in pictures. If you go to Pinterest and look up in the search bar you will be able to find tons of images from trips to items and even morning coffee for you to recreate your own personal idea of luxury. Go ahead and put a vision board together with images that resonate with you and make you feel exactly what you want to feel owning this kind of life. After you have create it your board do not just sit there and ignore it. Use it everyday and visualize, look at it and you will see how you can start attracting the circumstances and people you need to create this life. Manifesting is not only about thinking and visualizing but taking inspire action. What the affirmation and visualization does is inspire you to take action. Not any action but (inspire action) You will tart getting ideas of what's the next move in your life.

8- Use Things that Make You Feel Your Best.

You know when you save the best perfume for special occasions, and you only wear cute pajamas when you go on a trip well, it is time to change that. If you want a luxury life it is important to remember that what makes a lifestyle is the small habits you practice everyday. Instead of leaving the best things for special times only start using those everyday. You are supposed to live your best everyday because life only happens once and that's it. Instead of buying ugly oversize t shirts to be at home buy at least one set of silk pajamas that will make you feel glam. Wake up in the morning and use a cute workout set. Drink your coffee and a beautiful mug. Step outside and use a robe and breath deeply. plan a romantic garden picnic. Go to a fancy restaurant instead of eating out multiple times. Use fancy wine glasses. Buy a bottle of champagne. Do small changes even if that means sacrificing the quantity to get more quality. If you think about that's all it is.

9- Keep Your House Clean.

It is not secret that a clean house keep you inspire and motivated. When you wake up to a clean house you want to do more things and you also get a different feeling about your morning. Before going to bed every night do a small cleaning routine, so you can wake up to a clean home. Do a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, clean surfaces, and put away daily used things. You will definitely feel more lux in a clean house than a dirty house.

10- Create Morning and Night Routines.

Creating a morning and a night time routine will help you manager your time and track your progress. Having a luxurious lifestyle should include a luxury morning and night time routine. You can use the best skin care you have, face mask, take a deep shower or even do a bubble bath. Including practices for your mental health will help you gain control over your life. Practice meditation, affirmation, reading and journal to accomplish a luxury mindful routine.

I hope this blog post is being helpful to you. Remember that the idea of luxury is different from one another, what is for me doesn't have to be for you. It is important that you define what luxury mean to you first and then take it from there. In a matter of days practicing this steps you will see a shift in your reality and will be inspire for more. When that time arrive take advantage of it and live your best luxurious lifestyle.

I wish you the best and have a bless Sunday morning.

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