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Hello friends and welcome to this Monday blog. I am so happy and excited to be here writing again. This is what makes me happy and fulfill my heart. Today is Monday, July 25 WOW!!!!! this is the last week of July, and even though it was an amazing month it went by really fast that's why you want to make the best out of each day.

Today's blog is all you need to know about how to journal and how to make journaling work on your favor.

You guys have been commenting in social media that once you sit in the table with a journal you have no idea what to write.

First thing first, there are different kinds of journal and different ways to benefit from them.

1- Gratitude Journal

This is one of my favorite and more complete kinds of journal. Like the tittle says a gratitude journal is to express the things that you are thankful for. A lot of people practice this in the morning and night, but you can do it any time you prefer. Simply pick 3 to 10 things you are grateful to have in your life right now. Make sure you write in present tense and be as detailed as possible because that's going to help you really feel it, which is the key ingredient at the end. The benefit you can get from this kind of journaling is to raise your vibration by feeling gratitude and appreciating life in general.

2- Prompts Journal

This kind of journaling is when you ask a question to yourself and answer ir in a notebook. Pretty good to discover who you really are, where is your life going and where you are at the moment in your life. You can ask yourself any question you like from what is my favorite color and why until what do i like the most out of my friendships. It can honestly be any question. There are a lot of good examples on Pinterest and you can also ask yourself something that you been trying to figured out for a while. There is a lot of magic about writing things down. The benefit you can get from this is get to know yourself, self discovery and release anxiety.

3- Manifestation Journal

This is another one that i absolutely love and used personally the most. In a manifestation journal you always want to start of by writing all your goals or a bucket list. After you have that completed you are going to go ahead and write about it using affirmations or the scripting method. If you want this to be more defective divide your goals by month for example, each month pick one, two or three goals and then write positive affirmations about it or you can even script about in a way that they are all connected. The benefit out of this method is instant manifestation or a faster manifestation since it raise your vibration and work with your subconscious mind doing a job from the inside out.

This are the most common kinds of journaling that there is, but you can write about whatever you decide in your life. Remember, this journals are personal therefor, feel free to write about whatever you like and be honest about it to get full benefit out of this practice.

Journaling is a good way to start the week, due to its powerful way to raise emotional vibration. Go ahead and give it a try.

I wish you all a beautiful beginning of the week.

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