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Motivation won’t come to you by magic.

Hello friends:

I hope that the beginning of your month had been amazing. I have been wanting to sit and write about this topic for a while, but first I needed to figure out through out my own experiences fresh new ways to get your motivation back. I have been through some changes in my personal life lately, and I felt a little lost for past three weeks. I had some good days, but I had also really neutral days. When I say neutral I refer to the term of being in a loop, where your emotions fly away, and you are like in the moon for the most part. Everything tastes the same, nothing seems to impress you, no music, no food, no books. it is a stage where you just want to do NOTHING. I have always been a very active and enthusiastic person, so it is not easy to me when I feel this ways, but come on we are humans.

Since I found myself in this kind of stage in the past few weeks I decided that I needed to do something about it. I put into practice this 3 steps that I am about to show you, and it end up working on my favor.

On the night of October 30TH I set some intentions for the following morning. I took a notebook and wrote just three simple sentences of what I wanted to accomplish the next day.

1-Wake up earlier

2-Make better choices

3-Be productive

It is going to be about three weeks that I left my morning job, and since then I have been feeling this way. I figure that it is because I haven’t properly take advantage of the extra hours that I have right now, and that was one of the reasons why I got demotivated.

The morning of October 31 I woke up at 7:30 am. I had my morning coffee, and I even took a very long walk my dog Ginger by the bay, something that I was missing and it had been a while since last time I did it. Then I went back home and had a green juice, shower and change. I went out to do some deliveries and by 12 pm I was back home. I had so much time to meditate, read and do some affirmations as well as having lunch and spend some quality time with my own self. What I want you to notice is that my intentions on the night before worked. I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual, decided to have a teen juice and be productive instead of actually stay home watching tv. By the way I even had time to watch Hocus Pocus before going to work.

I felt really good, and I was motivated all day, I wanted more. I repeat it again the next day, and now here I am finally writing about it. I got to the conclusion that motivation won’t get to you by magic, you have to go get it. Also, discipline get you motivated, and you have to do smallest changes to get to the big one that you want to make. Remember that life did not just happen in one day. Last but not least, you don’t have to get motivated to get things done, you have to get things done to get motivated.

Here are the three steps you can follow to get your motivation back and get your life together.

1-Set up intentions the night before.

You can simply write them, or say them out loud, whatever work for you better. An intention is a statement where you establish goals that you want to accomplish.

2-Find a purpose

You need to reflect and think about things that make you happy, even if is your ideal life. do you know that in order to get where you want to be, you have to start making small changes everyday. it is about progress, so find something you like, or a something you want and look forward to it. For me is mainly writing and make extra money, so that motivate me and make me happy so now I know I can look forward to do those things everyday.

3-Show up to yourself

No matter what show up. Do this because you really want to because that is what will give you the straight to keep going. Less is better than perfect. it is not about how much you get done, do not be so hard on yourself, it is about to get things done gradually.

I really hope this steps can help you as much as it help me. Thank you always for the support that means the world for me, so know that I am very grateful for all of you. I wish you the best of the weeks and hope you can accomplish all your dreams. I will talk to you guys again on my next post.

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