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Hello friends and welcome back to another blog. I hope your week have been a really good one, since you've been reading my posts. Today is Sunday, and I have a topic worth of a fresh start for the new week, so you can start Monday strong.

A few days ago we talked about vibration and how to protect your energy and how to raise your vibration.

I know this is going to help you complement that blog post because once you know what are the steps to raise your vibration, then you can actually start working on vibrating in the same frequency of your dreams or desires.

Everything is energy. (Let's go back to this quote and make sure we understand it) because everything is energy and all that is energy vibrate at a frequency then, we can be in alignment with the same frequency of the things we want.

In order for you to vibrate at the same frequency of your dream you need to do the job and find out ( what is the frequency of your dream?) You need to know what is the vibration of that you desire in order to put yourself in that same energetic frequency to be able to attract it into your life.

The way that i will explain this to is going to be super easy to understand, but you must know that just because you have the information does not mean you understand it.

Now that you know that, in order to attract what you want, you need to find out what is the vibration of your dream. The next thing you need to know is that there is a preparation prior everything we received to make sure we are ready for that to come into our life.



-To find out what frequency is your dream vibrating at you have to know what does it feel to be or have that what you want. The law of vibration goes together with the feelings you get about things. Now, you are probably wondering how you are going to find out if you have never had that before. This is where things get complicated, but if you practice this method i promise, you will attract your dream.

-Find ways to feel the way you will feel about your desire as if you already have it. If your dream is to own a big house, then go find the house, talk to real state agents, drive around the area you want to live at and look for houses that are similar to the one you want.

For example, if what you want is a car, you need to experience driving that car and you need to know how you feel about it. Go to different dealer and try the car, maybe you can rent the car for a day, cut pictures out of a magazine or make a vision board using Pinterest. The more you know about the car, and the more you experience with it the more prepared you will be to received it, and that takes me to the second step.


-Like i mentioned before, there must be a preparation prior to received your desire. The universe, God or the moon, whoever you believe in has great amazing things for you, but if you are not ready to receive them, they are not coming your way anytime soon.

-The way you get ready for this desired is by acting as if. If you are looking for a serious relationship, but you are out in a different party everyday and going out with different women all the time, what will happen is that the person you will attract is not necessarily what you want just because you are not moving in that direction. Act as if you already have that wife. Go out with friends, but in a sane way, or go meet people at a bar, but stop acting desperate and looking for someone to spend the night with.

-If you want to be a millionaire, but you have not idea what to do with $20 dollars then why do you think the universe will give a million to someone like you. Its hard to hear, but now you know that there is a solution and that you must prepared for a brighter future. Act as if you already have it, and do the homework. Read some books about what you want to attract. -Maybe is a career, a house, being a chef, owning a business, or becoming a better version of you. The truth is that for all of these you have to study and do the homework, so whatever it is that you desire you must learn about. That way you can start vibrating and attract circumstances and people to help you get to that dream.

We don't get the things we want in life because we are to lazy to do the job because there are ways to accomplished and attract all that you want, but if you are not willing to fight with the ghosts from the past and be in peace with your inner self you are not going to manifest anything.


Believe you can have it, you deserve it and that is possible. Without faith nothing would of exist. You must believe that what you want also wants you and it is waiting for you on the other side. Whatever you can see in your mind and you can believe you can have it is already yours. It sounds easier than it is, but honestly it is easy you just have to work on it everyday. We believe what our parents told us to, so you have to change that mentality in order to attract your dreams. Also, time is an illusion, you are your own limitation. Don't set a time to receive if you can't believe it can happen because you will get discourage. As soon as you are ready to receive the universe will provide.

I hope this post is useful for you and that you are now closer to what you want to manifest. I wish you a beautiful Sunday and i will be back tomorrow morning to start again another powerful week.

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