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Hello friends and Wellcome back to another blog post. It has been about two weeks that I have not publish a post. Well, my life is not perfect and we all go through ups and downs the important thing is to get up and keep on moving.

We all have been in a slump at some pint in our life. I am a big believer that we have to let our emotions kick in and then let them out.

Blaming everything that happened to you on to the circumstances or other people is easy because that gives you a feeling of security and take away the fact that you are the only responsible person for what happen in your life.

How to get out of a slump?

  • To get out of a slump the first thing you need to do is take responsibility for what happened. Accept the fact that you allow yourself to feel demotivated, and that’s ok.

  • Find out what cause you to get there in the first place. It is easier when we identify the root of the problem because that will help us see things clearly.

  • Take action. Do something activity that could help you break the ice to get out of that stage. It could be cleaning, organizing, reading or practicing a productive hobby.

  • Make a plan. Planning is the best therapy for me, but if you are not a big fan of planners that’s ok. Create a to do list of things that will establish a new routine.

  • Set up a start date. Compromise to come up with a realistic date for when to start practicing the new routine. Either Friday, Monday or Sunday those are the best days.

  • Start slow. If you happen to start on a Friday that will give you the weekend to get your ideas in order and then Monday start fully and powerful.

  • Revisit your goals. Sometimes our goals are not enough motivation, and that is one thing we need to evaluate. Go back to read your goals and make sure you still want the same things, if not maybe a little change or adjustment could be really good to help you get motivated again.

Activities you can include in your routine to get out of a slump.

  1. Go for a walk. Walking in nature always help clear your mind and smelling fresh air help you relax and destress.

  2. Go to the library and find a new book. Part of getting your motivation back is looking for new activities to do and a new book can go a long way.

  3. Clean the house. Cleaning is fantastic to detox and declutter cloth and items that do not save a purpose in your life.

  4. Set new goals. Like I mention before, we change over time, and oftentimes we don’t want the same things anymore, so setting new goals is perfect to get back on your feet.

  5. Find inspiration. Our mind is a muscle that needs to be work constantly. Find new content that inspire you everyday. A podcast, youtube video, new creators that inspire your life.

A lot of times is not easy, but if we do not push ourselves to try nobody is coming to rescue us. We better get on out feet and keep walking. Most of the times, when I find myself in a slump like right now, it is hard for me to find motivation or something that inspire me back. When that happen I have to push myself really hard to get out of there, so I just make a devotion and do something, anything even if its small. Usually writing is something that can get me out of any stage and after that gratitude is what gives me streight to continue.

I hope this post has been helpful and if you have any tips at all let me know in the comment section what do you do to get out of slump.

Thank you guys for reading and passing by I am always grateful that I can get to many people through my writing and you can get the inspiration you need to live a beautiful quality life.

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