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How to deal with self-doubt?

Insecurities make a very important part in our lives, even though we reject them or refuse to accept them.

At some point, we all have faced low self-esteem and it may have something to do with “possibilities”

We expect so much from the world and ourselves that when we can’t keep up with those expectations, then we received our biggest disappointments.

Is it possible to appreciate who we are at all times?

It’s very easy to look around and compare ourselves with society, friends, family, social media or who knows and now is when I would like to ask you, who are you living this life for?

Usually, our uncertainties come from a place of fear and low self-value. When you experience low self-esteem, insecurities and fear; you are giving something or someone else the power to value who you are, and for that matter, you turn into a slave of your ego. Let’s keep things simple here for those that have a hard time figuring out what the ego is.

Ego: the ego is no other than your personality and it’s defined by your habits and consistent believes. This is who you identify as your own self, but YOU ARE NOT YOUR EGO OK. I like to say that the ego is my inner person, and I confess that sometimes is crucial to speak with that part of me.

Look at it this way, you see your reflection in a mirror, and you dislike what your seeing. If you stop and think about it, everybody that comes to your head is better than you because of a long endless list of qualities that made up in your mind that you don’t have.

Whose rules are you following up? How did you conclude that you are not good enough?

It’s imperative that you detect how did you made this up, perhaps, you got it from tv, social media, a friend that criticize you or maybe, a part of yourself that you have never been happy with.

Goals are important, and when we expect to be at a certain place in our life; there is nothing to be insecure about. The road of your dreams is full of experiences and difficulties that will make you the person you need to be when you reach that level. If you desire to lose some pounds to find yourself in a healthier stage then, you are going to have to learn how to make your way there, and insecurities will be part of that process. It’s easy to get comfortable where we are, so that’s the reason why we need this kind of emotions in our life’s, since they will push you up to an upper level.

Next time you find yourself insecure and having self-doubt this are the steps you want to follow.

1. Do something about it.

Don’t just stand there suffering and feeling miserable waiting for those insecurities to go away. If you want to lose weight then get informed, make an appointment with a nutritionist, buy a book that explain about it and plan. If you desire to go to school and study a career, but you don’t have enough money, then find another alternative, start learning on your own, consider getting a second job, so when opportunities arrive you will be ready to move on.

2. Do not compare yourself to others.

I know this is not the easier to do. It’s actually better said than done. Be aware of your thoughts that way, when you notice you’re doing so you can remember that you need to be better that the person you were yesterday because you are your biggest goal. Write a list of 10 or more things you like bout yourself and appreciate them. If someone else is in a place where you wish you would like to be, give thanks because if this human being did it you can do it as well. Learn to appreciate other’s effort and don’t be selfish remember, there is perfect, divine timing for all of us.

I do have a post that I give some tips about how to be happy starting where you are, perhaps you should take a look at it. I will leave the link right here, so you can check it out.

3. Be grateful for the small steps.

Even those little details are big. In order to change, you need to start small, therefore do not ignore the small steps, in its place appreciate them. Appreciation I the foundation of all dreams. I have said this millions of times, but it’s worth the reminder. Even if you find a dollar on the street say thank you. If a colleague or coworker give you a complement be appreciative about it. Be the detective of your own mystery life, so you can find the good reasons to be grateful for who you are.

4. Live life to the fullest for yourself and no others.

Sometimes, we like to impress so many people that we forget to like ourselves. Why don’t you try to impress yourself at least, for a day? Attempt to be proud of yourself. When you want to make other’s happy then, automatically what matters to you most go to second place. Remember, the minute someone else’s happiness is on top of your own; expectation will start having a part in the story, and that is equal to disappointment. Focus on yourself and make you a priority. Forget about what the rest of the world think of you as you are enough.

5. Know your worth

Believe in your worth, encourage yourself and be brave enough to trust the process. Work your way up and keep on moving, so everyday count. You are worth fighting for, and everything you need is here now. Define what is you really want from life, and when days like this follow your way, remember to trust and pray.

I really hope this could help you understand how precious and valuable you are.

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