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Hello friends, welcome back to another blog post. I still cant believe how fast is this year actually passing by. It feels like if yesterday was January 1st, and I was implementing my new year goals. Do you guys remember how motivated we started when the year began? It always amazed me how fast, we lose focus and inspiration as time goes by. I know this does not apply to everybody, but if you clicked on this blog; probably you are in the same page as me.

Life happens, and often times, we end up in a slump. We make all this plans and goals we would love to accomplished, and we always tell ourselves the same story: This year will be different, this year I am going to make it happen, this is my year, etc. Months go by and here we are, mid year trying to go back on track and figured out; how are we going to stick to a routine that actually works.

I have decided to create this series about yearly goals in order to help you stay consistent and motivated in the period of achieving the things you planned in January. Unfortunately, I do not have a secret recipe or a magic trick, but I do have some best practices that can help you get there.

Stay Consistent

This is the first thing and hardest to do, but without consistency you are not going anywhere. It is not going to be easy if you think it wont, but if you stay positive and true to yourself; it will be an easier process.

The one thing you have to know about CONSISTENCY is that the reason why we do not stay consistent on a goal or task is because we always focus on the final result instead of the process. This goes for absolutely anything you are trying to accomplish in your life. When we set goals for our life; we are looking for a permanent change, and you already know what they say "Nothing changes until you do"

In order to stay consistent you have to know your WHY?

- Write down in a notebook why do you want to accomplish this goals and read through it everyday.

- Create a system (action plan) you need to break your goals into steps, that way you don't find yourself trying to do all in a month, that's not realistic.

- Make a TO DO list the night before reflecting the small things you can do now to make it happen.

Change Habits and Behaviors

You probably haven't even think about this, but the goals you want to accomplish have a totally different identity than the one you own right now. In life, we manifest who we are; not what we want. If you are showing up everyday as a lazy person, eating bad food, no energy, etc, how do you want to be someone fit? You have to start showing up in life as the version of you that you are trying to create. If one of your goals is to stop smoking, then you have to start looking at habits and behaviors of people that don't smoke. If your goals is to travel, You have to start showing up as a person that travel, get excited about the trip, start looking for the places you would like to visit, plan your outfits, etc. There is so many things you can do. The most important is that you start looking for the people that have already accomplished the results or goals that you want and start adopting their habits and behaviors.

Check your Surroundings and Atmosphere

It is important that you start identifying who you follow, who you relate yourself with, who you listen to. Protect your energy at all cost, and surround yourself with people that will add value to your life. This is a little difficult, but hanging out with people that are far away from the lifestyle you want to accomplish is not going to help you get there anytime soon. You do not have to let this person go completely if you don't desire, but you are going to have to set some boundaries for yourself. Understand that there are people that only come to our life for a season; for us to learn something. Once that's done, it is time to move on.

I really hope this tips will help you accomplish your goals and stay on track for what is left of the year. You don't have to do it all in one day, you just have to show up everyday. THE CHANGE WILL COME WHEN YOU SHOW UP EVERYDAY. If you are looking for answers and ways to get to your goals and stay motivated for the rest of the year, you are on the right track. You can always try a little harder each day. Do not give up even if you do not feel like it because that is what's going to give you results.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week. I will be back soon with more content about accomplishing goals.

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