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Hello friends and welcome back to another blog post.

This morning i am here with one of my favorite and most basic but important topics in the whole self improvement world.

How to change your mindset to be more positive?

Our mind is like a muscle, it needs exercise to get stronger. All that we know until we are grown ups is what we were thought from our parents and family members. If you were born in a positive family, then you are probably a positive person, but if like me, you were born in a negative family then welcome to the blog.

When we are grown ups, we have the choice to create a new life for us, only that sometimes we make that decision a little bit late and that is if we even make it.

Changing the way you think is the first step to change your entire life.


There is something call "our believes" that basically shape your reality. What you believe becomes your truth and through that you take actions to support it.

The first step to change your mindset is to know who are you around of. You have to surround yourself with people that share the mindset you want to adopt in your new life. Hang out with people that are passionate about their life, that live with intention, that are excited for a new day. When all you hear is negative ideas, and how and why this or that is not going to work, all those thoughts start reprogramming your mind. It is like music to your ears, only that a very toxic music. The more we are in this atmosphere the hardest it will be for our thoughts to shape.

Take action. You must do something different to obtain different results. There is not exception here. you have to do the work. This is not like going to the park and have a fresh start, you must put effort every day if you really want to see the difference, and i am not gonna lie, for someone that is being negative for 20 or more years it is not going to happen overnight. When i talk about action i mean, identify your thoughts and figure out why are you thinking that way. Find out how truth this thoughts are and if there will really be proven consequences because most of the time we made it all up. The other thing you should do, stop worrying about things that are gone. Do not waste your time thinking about people or stuff that is already out of your life and find a new path to move on. Last, do positive affirmations and be grateful for the things you already have. It takes time at first but is totally worth trying. If someone is judging you because you like pink, remember that not everybody have the knowledge you do. Learn to forgive them in the moment and when you hear the negative, look for the positive.

Make the decision. This one is probably the most important step out of all three. We have to want this change. Sometimes we think we want it, but not really. You know when you are able to pull the hard work no matter what. It takes discipline to change, but for most it takes courage to admit that your life is not going in the direction you want and replanted the whole thing no matter what others think, so if you are ready for that change you don't have to wait until Monday, start today.

I hope this has being a great help for you, don't forget to comment in the little box what are your thoughts about it and what are you already doing to change your life.

I will be back tomorrow morning with another inspiring post until then, good luck and love.

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