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Good Morning friends welcome to another blog post. I feel like I always start by saying that I am very happy to be here and it sounds repetitive, but I am. I just want you to know that this is one of the things that make me the most happy to I am definitely exited to share what I have learned with you.

When I talk about being " That Girl" what do I exactly mean by that?

Well the term "That Girl" goes for that ideal self that I have always want to be. Since we are little, we have always admire someone else's lifestyle or look up to someone we know that is close to what we want to do in life, so basically "That Girl" is your best self.

We all have a different model that we want to follow, but the basic is always the same for everybody. We see this girl so far to accomplish, but the truth is that we are just too lazy to pull up the work we have to do to get there. Being that girl is all about having a little more structure and implementing new habits that are beneficial to our current reality.

Tell me? What do you do when you get home from work everyday? Do you run and sit in front of the TV and beige watch HBO or Netflix until you fall asleep or do you play video games instead? Maybe you are a mom and you do not even have time to do the Netflix thing, but instead you just eat with the uniform and dedicate all the time to your kids forgetting that you also need to take care of yourself to offer your kids a more pure energy. How about that?

"That Girl" means take care of yourself, implement routines in your daily life that serve you for a healthy mind and body, it means to be clean and organize and to eat better foods that provide your body with the needed nutrients.

We have always dreamed about when i have the bigger house i will wake up and take a shower in the morning, do my skin care routine and exorcise or practice yoga in the living room. The truth is that you can do all that now, but you are not inspired to do so in the space you are now. Well, let me tell you, you wont be inspired later either if you do not start now. Unfortunately, discipline is not about inspiration, if you wait to be inspired to take action about the simple things that you can do now, you will never accomplish anything because inspiration only last a few hours.

If you want to be "That Girl" start now with the things you have available to you, and little by little you will see a big change in your life because habits take place with repetition and that will become your new life.

Another things is i could come here and tell you what "That Girl" means to me, but we all wan to be someone different and accomplish different results in life, so the first thing you need to do is:

  • Define who "That Girl" is for you?

What are the things you want in life, how do you dress, what places you usually go, what are your hobbies and passion.

  • Create a morning and night time routine that align with "That Girl"

What do you drink in the morning, do you shower, do you meditate, do you exorcise, do you read, do you have a quiet time.

  • Start working on creating new habits from where you are now.

Scan your actual reality and look for patterns that are not align with the person you want to be and start by changing those. Look at what are the simple things that you can start working on today to change your reality and become that ideal person.

It is not so hard when we say it or think about who do we want to become. The hardest thing is taking action to accomplish the things we want even if is only about being a better version of ourselves.

The question you want to ask yourself is, What kind of life do i want to live?

Life is really short friends, there are people out of this world that they only lived 40 or 50 years that i am sure they would of want to do more with their life, but only if they would of known right? The fact is we do not have the exact date and time for when are we going to die, so it is your choice to make the most out of it now no matter where you are.

I am sharing this with you because I was one of those people thinking i have to wait to live in a better place to do or have what i want, and i can tell you I let go of 7 years of my life with that bad mindset. I did not know back then what i learned 4 years ago, and now i have the fortune to share it with you. Just a quick story, by the time i had all the things that i wanted, my best version was not ready to received it or handle it, so then it took me years to work on myself to then have the lifestyle and be my best version.

Honestly, you are always a work in progress since there is always room for improvement, so do not give up on yourself and stat today because by the time you accomplish all your dreams you are going to already have the bigger one "YOU"


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