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Actualizado: 30 jul 2019

If you really desire to be happy, then just decide it.

Some people make the decision to perceive life from a happier perspective, and some others, like me, are forced to make it.

When I say “forced” does not mean that a particular person blackmailed me or anything similar. What I intended to explain is that no matter how hard you try to hide from life difficulties; it will follow every step of your way. Now that I made a clear statement, I hope you understand; if you don't decide, life is going to do it for you.

You are probably asking why does it has to be that way?

The thing is that we are here to be happy and put happiness out there. The universe, life, God, source or however you want to name want you to be happy in order to find your purpose in EARTH.


1. Don’t forget where you came from and be grateful.

I consider this, a very important one, and that’s the reason why it's in first place. Please, don’t forget who you are. You are a human with a big heart. I have no idea where you came from or what ghosts you have, but what I do know Is that you are a very important being for this universe. You own a unique combination and special talents that nobody else has. You were chosen to live here, now, and if you still around it’s because your duty with the world Is unfinished. Remember your identity, so you can redirect your steps.

2. Accept who you are

It’s necessary you accept the person you have become, even if it’s not where you want to be yet. In order to change or improve yourself, you need to allow your inner self to be happy with who you truly are. There are only two choices, either you accept yourself as if, or live miserable for the rest of your existence. Notice that there are things we can change, but others we just can’t. Focus on the good qualities you have and take advantage of them, instead of accentuating the things you don’t like. Learn to love it by appreciating it. Using myself as an example, I could say that I really love my body, but it wasn’t always like that. I felt very uncomfortable with my body fat percentage for so long that it got to the point where I didn’t even want to go to the beach. I am not a fat person since I am actually in my healthy weight, but I couldn’t accept my body the way it is, as I said before, there are things we can improve and some others we can not change. I was born with this body, and I will never be shorter or higher because this is who I am. I can improve my health by eating healthier and shape my body, but first, I needed it to fall in love with who I truly am. I finally understood that I am perfect just the way I am because my body doesn’t define me, but I do.

3. Stop overthinking

Overthinking is not good for mental health.

We tent to navigate in our heads like we are lost. There are two reasons behind it, one is our intent to escape reality just because we don’t like our regular and bored life, and the other one is because we want to be in control. That my friend is impossible because you can’t control the outcome and the reaction of others. The solution to your problems is not overthinking, but you can try to live in the present moment and act on the things you can solve now so forget about the rest. When the time to think about those situations arrive, you will know for sure.

4. Stop playing the victim

Stop complaining and explaining to everybody your whys. Victimization will just bring you more situations where you can play victim, since it is your favorite roll. No one cares, people are going to criticize you anyway because they don’t know any better. If you feel comfortable been the victim just because it excuses you from doing what you know you should be doing that is totally fine, but if you genuinely looking forward to be happy take responsibility NOW.

5. Let go of the past

You need to be aware of your present time and stop thinking of what should’ve been done. This is all you have, there is nothing to fix or redo over there because it is over. I hope you realize that soon, since your life is happening now. Tomorrow you will be regretting what you didn’t do just like you are doing today, so I recommend you to live in the present in order to let go of the past. If you dislike your actual reality, understand that this are just the result of what you have created. The good news is that you can always change it and build the life you have dreamed of.

I hope this post really open your eyes and show you that there are different ways to live this life. Which one are you going to pick up?

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I desire for you the best weekend ever, and I am looking forward to seeing you here on my next article.

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