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HELLO FRIENDS, welcome to another blog post. Happy Tuesday, and i am hoping your week is going amazing so far.

Today's topic is very interesting to me because we all have goals and projects that we will like to accomplish, but not all the time we love them. I have struggled with self discipline, and i understand how hard it could be to get to the end of something that you really want because laziness gets in the way or we are not motivated enough to finish what we have started.

In my own personal experience, you need discipline when your life is lacking of certain things like, passion, love, purpose and drive.

I am not the most discipline person, but i am a big goal achiever. I was revising my goals for 2022 yesterday, and i noticed that out of 22 things in my bucket list for 2022 I am 12 down and 10 to go, isn't that amazing. We are almost on month 8 of the year which only leave us with 5 more months to achieve whatever goal we set up at the beginning of the year. I know discipline plays a big part on it, but that's only if you do not know the methods i use to be consistent and achieved great results.

1- Use motivation to start

Every time we have a goal, at the beginning, we are always inspire and motivated to give it all in. Use that on your favor, take advantage of it and make the best you can make. Motivation only last the first 2 or 3 days the most, some are lucky enough to get a week out of it, but what happen when its gone? The one thing you have to know is that it wont last and that you can not rely on it, so it the best you can to get you start.

2- Know your why?

When motivation is gone we go back to the lack, big NO NO. You need to find your why. We all have a reason to do everything we do. even if we do not like something, we have a reason that keep us going, sometimes we are even able to sacrifice ourselves for this reason, so knowing your why is a big deal. When you have a strong reason to keep moving there is nothing stopping you from completing that task, so go find a reason why.

3- Be passionate about it.

We need discipline when our lives are not excited enough. You need to find purpose in everything you do. I do not enjoy the gym all the time, but i enjoy the results i get when i go. I feel strong, confident and powerful. Even if i have to write it down to remember, and place it in front of my eyes everyday i will i order to continue. Life is short, and when you actually think about it, it make you want to make the most out of all you have. Remember, there is not life purpose from God, Buddha or the universe, your life will have the purpose you give it, so start giving purpose to the things you want. If you do not like going to the gym, but you want results, find purpose into it. Get cloth that feels good that will motivate you, find classes, get a partner to go with you.

Live your truth and do not give away your power.

Be truth to yourself, be loyal to your believes and live the best life you can live now. Stop thinking about what others are doing with their life. Your life is different than mine and your success does not have to look like mine, so stop giving your power away, and go out there to live a life you enjoy waking up to. Forget about being discipline and consistent because when you love what you have and do there is not discipline need it. Take breaks, breath, smile and be happy. Make happiness last forever instead of living happy moments. You are here to live and learn how to do it purposely.

Discipline is about owning your truth self, and being determine and passionate about life.

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