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How to adopt and establish new habits?

Actualizado: 19 may 2022

Hello friends,

Welcome to another blog post here in my space. i hope you have had an amazing week so far, and today i am here to help you accomplish more in your life.

Today, i have the intention to take you to a different mindset and perspective about new habits to help you shift the mentality you currently own, so you be able to get through your goals by implementing this habits that you continue to fail on.

If you are here with me reading this topic, probably like most of us you have failed multiple times trying to implement habits in your daily life. Things as simple as, waking up earlier, drink more water, eat better food or even making better use of your time.

Deep inside we kind of have the answer to how can we implement habits into our life, but it seems to me that we never know how can we establish these into our lifestyle.

First of, i am going to have you answer a couple of questions,

How will these new habits will change your life? Why do you want to adopt these habits?

There is a reason behind why are you trying to implement these new practices into your life, but you have to clarify that for your self. i will give some of my own examples.

I have always being horrible at drinking water, not even the minimum daily doses that i need for my body functions. I know i need to increase my water intake, for my skin, overall health, body functions. i have noticed a big difference when i drink water compare to when i not, its even a struggle to go to the bathroom. I know by drinking more water i will help my body to properly digest food, clear toxins and detoxify skin.

Once you have answered these two questions, you probably going to come to the realization that you have always known this, but why in the world i still can't stick to them.

Well the answer is so simple as me telling you that you have not push yourself enough.

there is not magic trick or a spiritual tactic i could show you for you to do it, but what i can say is that if you don't start doing these things for yourself no one will come help you.

Now i can give you some strategies to help you get there. If you follow these steps i will tell you, for sure you will be able to have these new habits as part of your life.

I recently have been listening a lot to Mel Robbins, and i have implemented in my life some of her advice that have work for me, so i am going to share some of that with you today.

Set habits as intentions in your daily life.

- Pick a habit for this week and work on that, or you could do two or three at a time i do not recommend more than that.

( wake up in the morning and write in a journal the habits you are focusing on, everyday from Monday to Sunday for example,

1- I have the intention to drink more water today.

2- I have the intention to workout for 30 min today.

3- I have the intention to meditate for 10 min today.

Lest say that these three will be the habits you will be focusing on for the entire week (you have to keep everyday the same three habits) Yes! you will write the same three intentions every single day.

Practice a small visualization doing these three things.

- in your bed, right after writing these down, you will close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 10 seconds. Then, start imagining your day doing these three things. Here is an example,

I wake up in the morning with a smile in my face, i open the windows to let the sun shine through the glass, it is a beautiful day. i go to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I sit in my porch close my eyes and start meditating. I feel grateful and happy, i feel the wind in my face, i feel relax, i can smell the wet floors and the flowers. i go back to the room and pick a beautiful black outfit from gym shark that was gifted to me by a friend. i looked in the mirror and i love myself so much, how beautiful i look. i look at my apple watch and i st up a 30 min workout. Today i am working out at home in a yoga mat. i feel good and strong. My body is grateful for this.

Try to imagine something like that with all the details.

Last, reward yourself at the end of the week for the small wins. by that, i do not mean for you to go and buy something, but give yourself a high five ( this is one of the advice Mel Robins always gives, give yourself credit for the things you do)

I hope this blog help you stick to your habits and accomplish much more in your beautiful life.

Until next time friends.

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