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Hello friends and welcome back to another morning blog.

The topic from today might left you thinking about your daily actions and routines.

Have you ever been in a car and all of sudden plays a song that bring you memories from your childhood or teenager year, and you smile because it's a really great memory? After the smile, you start playing in your head the exact scene from the past, and it's so vivid that you can feel the same happiness that you experienced back then.

We get memories from our past at all times in our day to day, and when i say past, don't think i am going too far since past is actually yesterday or a few hours ago.

I hope you are following here, but what i meant is that, we are constantly creating memories in our life. You might be saying - well who cares about the memories that we create? We never think that memories are an important part of our life until we make the decision to start creating our dream life.

Your emotions create your thoughts, your thoughts create your believes and your believes create your reality.

Yes, I know that you are going to be saying - Oh! don't we think first and then feel? The answer to that is, No. If you think about it, when you wake up your body start feeling tired or certain way and then you start thinking of what could be the reason for that and goes on and on. You just can't realize that at first, but now you now.

With that been said, emotions are important and how you feel about everything matters even if is sad, mad or any other negative feeling.

If you pay attention to your daily activities, habits and reactions, you will know from a very close perspective what kind of life you are creating now, and consequently what kind of memories you are recording.

Memories could be good, bad, sad o even traumatic, and the reason why we remembered them is because whatever story we lived impacted our life in a deeply manner. That's without the scientific explanation.

If we live everyday with intention and create our memories on purpose we would be able to have a better life overall.

When you wake up in the morning set intentions for the day and decide what kind of life you want to live today. How do you want to show up today? How do you want to experience your day? Decide if you want to wear makeup because it make you feel better, take a different road to work, change your playlist, call someone important, be part of nature, explore your surroundings and get out of the same habits and routines to shake a little bit your emotions and give your body the opportunity to experience something different.

Life is short, so short that there is no grantee of tomorrow, so live a life that matter to you, that makes the difference for you and that make you proud. This is all you got, here, now, is never to late to start creating your dream life.

What you do today, you might remembered tomorrow or not, the difference is that if you don't you might have lived in vain.

I hope this post have been inspiring to you, and that you realize how important your emotions are, so make it count. I wish you love and success and I hope you guys have an amazing morning.

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