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Hello guys:

It has being a good while since I haven’t write about anything at all. This is the first blog for this year 2021, and I feel like I want to change my game plan a little bit around to be able to help you and myself at the same time in a better way. I have been busy since the beginning of January with goal and other personal things, but I am ready now to take over my writing life. I have miss you all so much, and I do apologize for all this months without content.

Today’s topic will be about confidence and self esteem.

I know that most people strugle with self confidence and self esteem and believe it or not I am one of them too. I am no different from all of you, that’s why it makes even more real.

In life, we chose our battles, so my question for you today is What battle do you want to fight?

Once you answer this question, you will have open door to so many sites in your life that have being close for a really long time, so lets start there.

I want to fight the kind of battles that make me grow and better everyday of my life. I want to fight the battles that challenge me to question my daily actions, the battles where I keep the lessons and discard the sadness.

What battle do you want to fight?

Confidence and self esteem is one of those everyday battles. If you decide to fight it What kind of learning experience do you want from it?

The reason why I am asking you this questions is because the answers are going to help you get through your journey stronger.

I am 29 years old, about to be 30, and the more I grow older the more conscious I get with the way I look and the things I have accomplish. Society has a big part to do with this, what we see everyday, what we hear, what a friend tell us, and what social media put in front of our eyes.

I can come out here and give you a lot of tips on how to be more confident about your self and increase your self esteem, but honestly none of them will work if you are not in the correct state of mind. Why? Because confidence, security, trust and self esteem are a state of mind. Your brain is giving you commands and directions every second, when you decide to exercise, to read, write, take decision; it is your brain giving your body orders to follow.

When I feel like I can’t control my emotions about my surroundings, I have to put it on paper. That is an exercise that have always worked for me, but you need to find what can you do to identify and release all the emotions that are not offering you confort and happiness.

  1. What circumstances or situations are making you feel self doubted, unsure or diffident?

  2. Is there anything you can control?

  3. How is this affecting your mental state?

  4. Can you improve anything that will make you feel better?

Let's take a second and go through this questions:

1. Society plays a big role is human being self doubt now days. Instagram, facebook, snap, TikTok, and so on. The information out there that is presented to us everyday base on what we are looking for. We are living in times where social media controls a big part of it, but this could never control your life if you are actually on control of your life.

I can give you a situation that I found myself into a couple of times. I am a female for those of you that don’t know yet. Sometimes when I go to the beach and I see a beautiful girl with a perfect body, I get uncomfortable with my own body and start doubting myself, or if I am scrolling my instagram and I see this models with abs and big hips and a tiny waist, that make me question myself about the way I look. Have this ever happened to you before?

When you find yourself comparing to other people or feeling bad about what other people have that you don’t, there is something you can do:

Focus on the good about yourself, be kind in the way you talk to yourself. if you only see what you think is good in others peoples life you are missing a whole lot of it. Because guess what? Nobody here is perfect and if you are following that perfection you will never find it because it simply does not exist. While someone has an amazing body maybe their career life is messed up or maybe their love life is not complete. I am not gonna sound cliche here and tell you that you can’t have it all, because that is also a lie. You can have everything you want as long as you know what it is your want?

2. We can not control most of the things, but we can make the most out of every situation that we live in. If the case is your body, you can't control how other people look or who is gonna be in the places that you visit, but you can control who you are that is why it's so important that you have an identity. If the problem is your body, you can start running, hired a coach, get a gym membership, but do you know who you are? if you do, you can’t compare yourself with the Kardashians, or with someone that is being doing exercises since 14 years old. do not do that to yourself. Compare to your old you, How are you different than yesterday? How could you be better tomorrow? You are your biggest challenge and your biggest example. Chose to fight that battle instead, and only focus on the things that you can control. Remember you are living your own life, so you are aware of the things that are going on in it, but not in anybody else life.

3. Our mental state is the most important thing we have to take care of. This is what will get you depress, intent suicide, anxiety and so on. keep your lifestyle free of drama and do your best to protect your mind from absorbing all the toxins from outside. if you could take your mind and put it in a box that will be great, but you can’t. now, what you can do is feed your mindset with positivism everyday. think about this as another muscle, you have to stimulate this muscle all the time and exercise it because it gets weak if you don’t take care of it. Try to keep social media free of things that are not providing any motivation, inspiration and positivism to your life. if you are following a lot of models then start unfollowing those people if its more a comparison than an inspiration. Only feed your mind with the good.

4. We can always improve our life and our experiences, be better than what you were yesterday. What are you doing today differently to accomplish your goals and get you to the place that you want to go. You did not exercise yesterday, and that's ok, but what are you going to do today about it. This may sound ugly to you, but you can’t complaint for something that you don’t have if you are not even working on it.

There are thousand ways to improve your lifestyle if you focus on yourself and being better than yesterday. Start by recognizing what are the areas of your life that you would love to see in a different way and work on it.

Now, that we were over those 4 questions I also want to leave you with a great exorcise that I know it is gonna help you.

Every morning when you wake up set up 3 intentions for the day that will hold you accountable to your principles and goals. Make (being confidence) one of them, and every time thing don’t go the way you like or you feel an absence of self esteem think about your intention, also, connect that intention with a part of your body that this one resonate with, like the palm of your hands or your heart, whatever part of your body it is that you feel this the most.

Last but not least:

Focus on yourself and what you want from life, also what do you want to offer this world. when you are busy working on you, there is no time to think about this things. make your life a priority, grow a business, be the best you can be at work, learn something new everyday, practice gratitude, exercise, and be kind to yourself. when you are your own masterpiece there is simply no room for self doubt. I have being there and if I can remind myself of this things you can too.

I am here so you don’t feel on your own, and if I am telling you this is by experience. it is not easy to deal with it, but you are not alone in this journey, there are a lot of us that fight different battles everyday. I am here to support you.

Thank you guys again for passing by. I always appreciate your love and your loyalty. Comment bellow what is your battle today and what are you doing about it. Also, let me know how are you dealing with self esteem and doubting yourself. Ask me any question you have I am here to help and grow by your side.

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