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Actualizado: 24 jun 2019

This is not going to be the easiest post to write, but it will be worth writing it.

I will start by saying that I am not a mother, but I am the daughter of a women that without any intention change my life since the first day my eyes were open to the world, so she deserved like any mother, to be value and celebrated.

You may be asking yourself what does this really have to do with self-development, self-care or the rest of self-growth topics that I usually would of write about? The answer my friend is: EVERYTHING.

Certainly, I am not going to show you how to be more positive or how to stop procrastination in this article, but you would learn the most important lesson you need to succeed in every aspect of your life, and this one, my friend, you will discover it by yourself.

Keep reading if you want to know what’s the positive message out of the story you are about to read, and do not forget to write in the comment section below “which was the lesson”



I know for sure that you won’t probably read this letter anytime soon, but I have been given this mission to show the world that there is always a better way to live depending on the perspective you develop, when you face difficult circumstances.

Thank you for giving me life and thank you for the sacrifices you did in order for me to be here today. Thank you for trying so hard the day I was born and thank you for the unknown.

I would like to express myself in so many ways, but there are no words to completely describe the feelings that were rooted inside my heart, but I will make sure to mention the most significant truths you taught me.

Now, after so many years, I finally comprehend what it means to be strong and independent because you showed me how, and everything that didn’t make sense before, does today.

I have to be honest here, in the beginning I was trying to change the way that everything occurred, and I even question God his mode to proceed, but now I know for sure, that phrase that used to be so stupid to me is an actual reality “everything happens for a reason”

I have to say, SORRY for my selfishness all these years, but I did not know any better. I blamed you every day, even though no one was guilty in this story.

Thanks God that I was privileged enough to find amazing people in my path, but I admit that I have always missed you. The part your role in my life will never be replaceable.

We went through so much together since day one, and I still remember the day you decided that my love was not enough in order to take the responsibility that came with me. I even laugh! I believed that it was actually a really good idea to live with my 80-year-old grandpa. Oh God! I do know for sure that he was so happy and excited to received me that day, but it was something missing, he did not look at you the same way that day, and I asked him for years what happened, and now I know.

You must know, that he did a good job raising me the first years, he was just too tired to handle all my energy and craziness. Anyways, I could be writing here for years trying to tell a good version of how things happen, but I think I said enough. Mother, thank you for giving me the best gift that someone could ever give, LIFE. I am so happy and grateful now that I have grown, so I can see our story from a completely different angle. All I am today is thanks to the decisions that I took many years ago, no regrets because everything lead to the positive, noble women that I am today. Thanks to you, today I understand the importance of love and support to one another because we don’t acknowledge the stories behind the faces. Today, I can be proud and say that I have learned one of the most important secrets to success in everything, APPRECIATION.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, wherever you are known that I would always be waiting here in case you decide to come back.


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