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Good morning friends, and welcome to another self development morning blog.

This morning as you already read in the tittle, I will be writing about how to actually create a morning routine for your mental health.

I am a morning person, i love waking up early and enjoy a cup of coffee, meditate and so much more, but the truth is that it was not always this way. Waking up early and being a morning person is a habit just like any other.

I used to worked overnight, and i had days that i got home at 10 in the morning. This job did not allowed me to be a morning person, but deep inside i wanted that in my life. My days off I woke up early because i enjoyed that, and since i was used to wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning it really wasn't hard.

I am going to assume that you want to learn how to be a morning person or have a morning routine because you are reading this post, and that is the first step.

To be a morning person or have a morning routine you do not need the fancy aesthetics, but if that is something that will keep you motivated to do so then, it will be good to incorporate some of it

Morning Routine

- To have a morning routine you don't need to wake up at 5 am, but to be productive and make the most out of your day, then you must.

- Your morning routine should cover three of the most important elements of self improvement physical, metal and spiritual.

- Incorporate aesthetically pleasing items to build momentum and keep yourself motivated.

- Learn to enjoy and have a good time practicing your morning routine.

I will explained to you briefly all of this points.

Point #1

- You do not need to wake up earlier that 7 am to make it happen and be effective about it. The truth is that all of the elements that should be included in your morning routine can be practice at anytime, but if you have a project, a dream or goals that should be enough reason for you to wake up earlier than 7 am. If you have a job that requires your presence at specific time then, definitely you should wake up earlier than 7 am. There is something magical about the sunrise and looking at the first sights of the morning. Also, to accomplish results that only the 1% of the society have accomplished you should embrace habits that will back it up.

Point #2

- Your morning routine should include some kind of physical activity when you first wake up. I know for some this is challenging as it is for me, but honestly I have tried everything and i can say that the only thing that work is to just wake up and do it. There is not magic trick to it that will make it easy or fun. Until exercising becomes a part of your life as a habit, you won't be able to enjoy, but for that to happen you should start at some point. Just push yourself and know that this will change your life for the better.

- You should also include activities that will be good for your mental health. Meditate for 10 to 20 min. You could use some tubetan sounds or you could do a guided meditation, there are a lot in YouTube. Express your ideas and feelings in a notebook to release stress and anxiety. You don't have to do an entire paragraph since you could simple do a sentence in a form of a mantra or affirmation if you don't like to write.

- We all believe in something because we were create it with the need of believing in a higher force. When i talk about spirituality it doesn't have to be God, it could be whoever you choose to be. Do your prayers, be grateful to the universe, life, your higher self, or whoever you believe in. Practice visualization. Imagine for about 10 minutes the kind of life that you want to live, the relationships you would like to build or the career you dream about. You can imagine anything you want. This practice is good for the creation of those things you want to own and it requires for you to be fully concentrated. If you have crystals, you could touch them while setting intentions for the day, and you can also do a ritual with sage.

Point #3

- Aesthetics is not only a thing of the internet. It has help me build my momentum while i am creating new habits because if you are not excited about the things you have or see or do it will be much harder to accomplish a morning routine. Your morning routine doesn't have to be elegant, but if you practice all this steps with elegance you are more prompt to stick to it. With that being said, use gym cloth that you absolutely love, that feels good in your body, that you look in the mirror and that you could be proud of wearing. Dress for the gym to kill and conquer. Use coffee mugs that remind you of how strong you are, that agreed with your aesthetics and what you enjoy, use a journal that have beautiful pages and that is good quality. In conclusion, f you like what you see and it feels good to you that will keep you motivated to keep going and will give you a reason to do it again the next morning. Invest in yourself to build the momentum and create the habit. Once the habit is created it does not matter what you wear or what coffee mug you use because you will stick to it no matter what.

Point #4

- When it comes to a morning routine don't think about the end results because those are the things that we loose easy instead, learn to enjoy the process and fall in love with every single step. If some of the step aren't align with you modify it until you find what goes with who you want to be. At first, it will be hard i am not going to lie, but little by little you will start liking what your doing because of the way it will make you feel.








The rest of the day you could continue with your regular daily activities. This routine should take about an hour, and don't even say you don't have time because we all do even with kids. It is not easy i already say that, but it gets easier.

I started practicing this morning routine after reading a book call The Miracle Morning. Before the book, i already had a morning routine that implied some of the same steps, but it was way more disorganize, then i found the book and my life changed for the better. The hardest part is always being exercising because i don't push myself enough, but those are just excuses like i said before i have tried everything and the only thing that works is wake up and do it.

I hope this post is beneficial for you, and i am so happy to connect with all of you through this blog posts daily. I wish you a beautiful day and hope that you take advantage of this teachings.

I will be here again tomorrow with another coffee and more inspirational/ self development content.

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