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An Effective Morning Routine

Having a morning routine have brought many benefits to my life. I am an organized person, and its not secret that i plan absolutely everything.

When I started to put together a morning routine that work for me, i had to take into considerations aspects as, goals, work schedule, what impact i want in the word and the most important one DREAMS.

A morning routine could be different for everyone, but for me it means everything.

It was when I read the book "The Miracle Morning" when i started to take the morning more seriously.

To have a successful morning you dont need to be a morning person, you just need to get your ideas in order and start from that point to create.

My morning routine:

I wake up around 5/5:30 am depending on my work schedule. It help me accomplish more throughout the day and grt things done.

In within that hour i practice gratitude, non negotiable. I either say it out loud, or quietly or even journal about it, and meditate at least 10 minutes.

At 6:00 am I go to my cycling class from Monday through Friday. I sweet and get very happy after that.

Around 7:15 i shower and do my skin care. I use a vitamin c serum, a hidriting cream and sunscreen, super easy.

At 8:00 usually if not before i have my first coffee. I sometimes journal, visualize or read depend on the time.

After, i start my day.

You do not need to do much, and you can definitely accomplish this in half hour in the morning. You just have to want it.

There will be a second part to this blog post about romanticizing your morning routine. Stay tune for that one.

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