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Hello friends, and welcome back to another blog post. As always, I am very happy to be back. I hope you guys have had an amazing week, now that we are about to get into the weekend.

I am a goal achiever, and I think that is actually one of my strength. Achieving goals is not only about being determined and discipline, it involves so much more than that. I love talking about goals for one simple reason, often times, we abandon our dreams and goals thinking that it may not be possible to accomplish them, and like most people say "always follow your dreams" It's not cliche, your success is a combinations of doing something that you are passionate about combine with putting value in the world.

I was listening to one of those YouTube audios based on wealth and prosperity, where the speaker mentioned something around these line " Your dreams, goals are like muscles and going to the gym, you go today and come back home, and you don't see results. You go the next day, exorcise and come back home, and still don't see results, but then if you are consistent and patient on the third month maybe you will see results"

Everything in our life have a season, when you plant a seed you have to wait between two and six months to harvest. It is important to understand that everything has a process that we should respect, life is the same way. Think about when you meet a new person, and you are in the process of becoming good friends. That will require your time, energy and some deposits since you have to gain the other person's trust.

When you set goals for yourself, you have to follow up and go back and reread them, plan and write about them. If you set these goals most likely will be something that you really want, so you should be excited from the moment you wake up to the second you close your eyes. I know it gets hard at times, and we get tired of putting in the work and not seeing results, but that's what it's all about. You must fall in love with your goals to the point where you don't need to think about the process, because your daily work full field you.

How to achieve your goals from the inside out?

1- Fall in love with the process

Not all the goals we set for ourselves are to be obsess with, like the most famous one, going to the gym. Most people I follow that now are fitness coaches were not obsess with the gym since the first day. On the other hand, there are goals that are related to things that we really love to have in our life, but we have no idea how we are going to get there. In both cases the most important thing is to fall in love with the process. Falling in love is like a habit, the more you do it the easier it comes to you. I remember my godfather telling me the story of when he met my aunt, he will say that falling in love is like taking care of a garden. At the beginning you have a physical attraction, then little by little you start falling in love. Then, when you least expect, you deeply love that person. What I am trying to say is that you must start taking small actions until a habit is built, then with consistency and repetition you will start falling in love little by little.

2- Forget about the how.

Forget about how will you get to your end result, that's not your job to worry about. We waste so much time in life trying to figure out what are we going to do, planning the steps, but we never take action towards our goals. Many people fail at visualizing their dreams because all they do is visualize the end result, having their dreams in their hands, while what you should really visualize is how you are getting to that dream, basically the daily activities that align with that dream. Make a plan from where you are, and the resources you have available now, then take action towards that plan. Even if is something small it will make a huge difference, and that my friends i call it showing up for yourself.

3- Review your goals

We fail at goals because we don't ever look back at them after we planned them. When you set goals, but you never look at them anymore, they're not on top of your head at all times. Set goals, plan, journal about them. Break your goals into smaller steps or practice affirmations, but do something everyday that remind you that you want that goal to be manifested. Repetition is key in this process and any other, the more you look at them the more unconsciously you will start taking inspired action towards them.

This is a work from the inside out that will help you understand what you really want and will help you maintain your focus during the process of materializing your goals. You don't have to be dedicated or super discipline to make it happen, but you do need passion for sure. A passion about how achieving them will change your life, how the quality of your life will improve, and why do you even want this things to happen in your life?

I am working on a beautiful project for you guys that involve manifestation and goals that will make your life and this process so much easier stay tuned for that one because it's coming soon.

I wish you love, prosperity, health and success and i hope my blogs have been a help for you to live a better life full of blessings.

Thank you for being here today and choosing to change your life, remember everything start with a decision.

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