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A lifetime journey to weight loss

Actualizado: 8 may 2020

... And here I am after two days in the house pool where I realized that body image or losing weight is not about how much you eat or how many abs exercises you are capable of doing.

When it comes to fitness and losing fat, everyone propose different kinds of diets, challenges, fasting periods and a bunch of other things including plastic surgery, but the reality is that none of this will make sense or will give the results you are expecting unless you have the mentality to get there. All this time, I was thinking about many things I could do in order to burn the fat I think I want. However every time I tried I fail. I have been asking myself why doesn’t it work for me? I am very active regularly with two jobs, a dog to take care of, and I also practice exercises here and their, even though, I never being long period consistent, when I set my mind to it I do it. What I am trying to say is that YES! Exercise and good quality whole food works, but nothing in this world is going to work for you unless you have the proper mentality. Your thoughts, beliefs and ideas need to be in alignment with your desire result. if you have the right mentality, you are on the way to your dreams.

This is a fresh and different post, and it is not about fitness or weight loss, even though is relate it, this is about grow and self improvement.

this is a new serie to this blog. we are all in this together, so stay in touch for more about my journey to my dream body, and lets find out together if it is possible to achieve it or not. I believe I can, but what about you? Do you believe you can do it?

I will bring to you a new chapter to this story every single week. This will include pictures and also measurements.

Thank you for being part of this beautiful family.

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