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2024 Goals. Achieving your 2024 goals/Fighting with the lack of motivation/ Adding value to the world.

Hello friends, and welcome to another blog post. It has been a while since I wrote the last publication, but as always, I am very excited to be back.

It is 2024, and wow time passes so fast. It is impressive how far we are already into this year. The month of march is almost over, and this is when I get all these questions about where am I with my goals. As you guys probably know by now, I am a goal driven person that love the satisfaction of accomplishing milestones. I wanted to touch base on this topic because oftentimes, we fall off the wagon when we are three months into the year and that has happen to me multiple times.

The Bar is High

Every year, the world we are living in is changing more at a high speed. This has led us to being unhappy with our achievements and every time having bigger expectations. I am all about a growth mindset and improving myself. Last year, I went through a lot of ups and downs, I got sick, had to go through treatments, lack of motivation, felt lost without purpose, questioned my decisions in life and so much more. I started looking into it and reflecting about it by asking myself why? multiple times. I got to the conclusion that every time I accomplished a goal, I move on to the next without hesitation, or taking a second to be appreciative about what I had just accomplished.

I asked myself why? and this is what I discovered:

  • Time was a factor. I set myself for failure by giving me an unrealistic timeframe created by society. I had this idea in my mind that I had to reach a level and status in life by a certain age. That itself did not allowed me to slow down and look at my growth closely.

  • I did not gave space to the unexpected, God or the universe. While we all have a job to do, the universe and God are also part of it all. I only know what I know, and that means that I know nothing. I can only dream and imagine based on what I have experienced, learned or seen, while God and the Universe have plans that are not yet revealed to me, and are different from what I already know.

  • I have standards for my own life and tent to be hard on myself, when I don’t reach the level I want to be at. This wasn’t helping me see the beauty in the process of working for a goal.

How can we feel comfort and be appreciative of our accomplishments, even if it’s not where we want to be?

  • Purposely take time to be grateful and appreciate the small victories, even if it’s a small accomplishment it counts.

  • Associate something meaningful to your accomplishment. Usually, when I reach a goal; I give myself a celebration gift. Something that’s last longing, or that I can save through the years that every time I use reminded me of the accomplishment.

  • Be present. Let go of the anxiety of wanting to know what is going to happen tomorrow because you are missing out on the only thing that really exists! Today. There is no magic trick when it comes to motivation. We first need to accept that this days will come.

There are two things that I consistently work on for when the lack of motivation arrive, and trust me; I have a lot to improve.

  • Having a strong why.

  • Self discipline

Even myself sometimes don’t give these two the importance they have. When you sit down to reflect on your whys with a piece of paper and start asking yourself multiple questions about why? do you want to accomplish that specific goal; that’s when the magic start happening. There is power in knowing your why, and reminding yourself what that is. Also, create discipline by being consistent. A little bit everyday goes a long way.

Your why is your drive

Self discipline is the constitution of habits that support the lifestyle you are looking for. To live a life of purpose, it’s important to be intentional every single day. Find something you love, or ask yourself this question,

Who do I want to be today?

I hope you find this article helpful and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I hope to hear from you, so go ahead in leave a comment in the section bellow. Have a lovely week.

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