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Good morning, welcome to another morning blog. My name is Yary for those of you that do not know. I am super happy and grateful that I get to do one of the things I love the most, writing and help other become the best version of themselves. I hope you grabbed your coffee or tea mug because we are about to get into a topic that is being very requested, so I am excited to share this 10 examples of self development with you.

When it comes to self development anything that challenge you, shake you or get you out of your comfort zone its going to bring growth, so always keep that into consideration.

10 self development examples

1- Build your confidence. Learn to be kind to yourself for example, when you look in the mirror, say nice things, appreciate what you like and always give yourself a shout out. Focus on those things that you like about your body and personality and stop comparing to others. Ignore social media and use it for your advantage instead of checking what the world is doing with their life. Make yourself your priority, take time to take care of you and separate some along time to reflect and love yourself to the fullest.

2- Learn something new everyday. Take some time each day to prepare yourself (that will also bust your confidence) Learning new things and expanding the knowledge you already have is a good way to develop yourself. There is always going to be growth in learning a new skill, reading a new book or even talking to others and listening to their ideas.

3- Build long lasting relationships. You want to build relationship not only personal but professionals too. Having friends for life is one of the best experiences that i have ever had, knowing that there are people that won’t judge you or support you no matter what, is incredible.

4- Control your emotions. Learn to handle all situations with easy and patience that, will change your life. Reactions won't take you too far, so act instead of react.

5- Do not take things personal. Remember, what other say or do is a reflection of their own personality. When people judge, complained and are negative about life is because they can not finds those things in their own life, so do not take it personally because it is not about you. Ignore them and keep your own journey, just like that.

6- Wake up early. If you want to increase your productivity levels be more efficient and have more time, start waking up before the sun rises. Do a morning routine and dedicate the resting time to work on those special projects that you continue to postpone because there is never enough time.

7- Live in the now. There is not more time than here now. Be present, there is definitely no past or future, so the only thing you should really be working on is in being present at this moment. Try to enjoy each day like is your last one and to help you with this, think about the things that, if you die you won’t be able to do. Take some minutes to actually think in your death and what would you like to be remember for.

8- Stop limiting yourself. You are your own limitation. You can go as far as you desire in life. Stop sabotaging your life and telling yourself that you are not enough, that you cant do it or finding reasons of why not. Say YES, yes you can, yes you are enough. Your believes create your reality, so it is time to start believing higher of yourself.

9- Challenge yourself. Do more things that are uncomfortable to you or unfamiliar. Learn a new language, take more risk. Go after that dream that seems impossible, give yourself an opportunity.

10- Define what success means to you. What does success means to you? What will you like to accomplish in life? What is your purpose? What are you living for? These questions could help you find a good definition for your own success. What I can tell you is that success is different for everybody, so you need to know when it is enough for you.

These are the 10 examples of self development. I hope it has been a great help to understand more what self improvement/ self development is all about and that you take some time to explore your own ways to growth in life. i wish you love and success and i hope you have the most amazing morning today.

I will see you again tomorrow morning for another coffee date here in this self development space.

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